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Eggheads pub quiz team becomes first ever to get all questions correct

The Telegraph logo The Telegraph 20/03/2019 Helena Horton
a group of people sitting at a table: Left to right: Derek Davies, Gary Richens, Marian Pugh, Shane Rolin, Ian Peters © BBC Left to right: Derek Davies, Gary Richens, Marian Pugh, Shane Rolin, Ian Peters

It is one of the most difficult quiz shows on television, and for 16 years the contestants always got at least one question wrong.

Critics have often complained that the show has become too difficult, and that contestants are often annihilated with ease by the expert team.

Finally, a formidable pub quiz team from Suffolk has comprehensively bested the elite "eggheads" and answered every single question correctly.

For the first time in almost 2,000 shows, the challenger team achieved an unbeaten streak and took home a prize of £11,000.

The Shotley Open Spacers also became only the fourth team ever to get all their players into the final round.

On the BBC Two show, a group of novice quizzers is pitted against the country's most experienced quiz team, called the "Eggheads". There are then multiple rounds in which a challenger is pitted against an Egghead, and they are quizzed on a certain topic, such as sport or politics.

The winner of each round goes on to the final, in which the remaining members of each quiz team are pitted against each other in a group format.

This time, they were tested on sports, science, film and television and geography. Questions spanned diverse topics, from the invention of lamps to key moments of sporting history and the names of Christmas songs.

The battle was so fierce that the rounds went to sudden death - because the challenger and the egghead drew - twice.

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Both times, the challenger beat the egghead, getting all the questions correct.

The host asked for the secret of their success, and team leader local Derek Davies, a local councillor, quipped: “A few beers and a quiz game on the train coming up.”

Speaking afterwards he added: “It was great fun and we were amazed to be told we were the first team ever to answer every single question correctly.

“We went there to promote the Shotley peninsula and highlight the good work Shotley Open Spaces does for our community.

“It has been purgatory waiting for more than a year not being able to tell anyone how we got on, but now I hope everyone enjoyed watching the show and will be inspired to give it a go themselves.”

The group consists of Derek Davies, a freelance sports journalist,Gary Richens, a retired electrical engineer, Marian Pugh, a retired primary school teacher, Shane Rolin, a business consultant, and Ian Peters, a retired retail manager

The team don't even take part in quizzes on a regular basis, but occasionally enjoy local quiz nights at their favourite pub the Bristol Arms and Shotley village hall in Shotley, Suffolk.

When they aren't quizzing, the team volunteers in their local area, keeping the open spaces tidy and clearing brambles from paths.

A show spokesman said: "They got everything right and yes it's the first time it has happened in almost 2,000 episodes."

The team said in a statement: "It was nail-biting stuff as one by one we knocked out our individual Eggheads leaving just Lisa to face us all in the final, with Marian, who had not had to face an Egghead, our spokesperson. The rest, as they say, is history."

The questions

Round 1: Sport

1. Which British tennis player won the Wimbledon singles title in 1977?

A: Virginia Wade

2. The Riverside Ground which has hosted Test Match cricket since 2003 is the home of which County Club?

A: Durham

Round 2: Science

1. Which scientist, born in 1778 in Cornwall, devised a famous safety lamp for use in mines?

A: Humphry Davy

2. What type of marine creature is the Shovelnose guitarfish?

A: Ray

3. Which of these things was invented first? CD Player, microwave oven, world wide web

A: Microwave oven

Sudden Death questions: 

Which cosmonaut was on board the Vostok 1 Spacecraft, when it launched on April the 12th 1961?

A: Yuri Gagarin

For what does the abbreviation MP stand for when referring to the degree of resolution on a digital camera?

A: Megapixels

Round 3: Film and Television

1. Who plaid the role of Barbara in the TV sitcom 'The Good Life'?

A: Felicity Kendal

2. John Thomson plays the role of Pete Gifford in which TV drama Series?

A: Cold Feet 

3. Who plays the role of the registrar Kate Dickinson in the TV drama series: Love, Lies and Records?

A: Ashley Jensen

Round 4: Geography 

1. Which bay is known in France as the Golfe de Gascogne and in Spain as Golfo de Vizcaya?

A: Bay of Biscay

2. The island of Hong Kong is in which sea?

A: South China Sea

3. The Federated States of Micronesia is located on which ocean?

A: Pacific

Sudden Death questions:

Which Australian state is an island state forming no part of the mainland?

A: Tasmania

In which US state is the Great Salt Lake situated?

A: Utah

Final Round: General Knowledge

1. Which song was a UK hit single for The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl in 1987?

A: Fairytale of New York

2. In which year did Jonny Wilkinson retire from all forms of Rugby-Union as a player?

A: 2014

3. Which man won the Best Director Academy Award in 1943, 1947 and 1960?

A: William Wyler

​Additional reporting by Korbinian Vielmeier​


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