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Katy Perry Explains Trying to "Pray the Gay Away" and Doing MORE Than Kissing a Girl in LGBTQ Speech

Katy Perry is revealing a whole lot of info we didn’t know about her before she became super famous! So it’s no secret that Katy Perry likes to air all sorts of her laundry… I’m talking about her personal life. We know who she’s dated, how those relationships ended, former friends and feuds (Cough cough, Taylor Swift), and how her divorce from Russell Brand reinvented her. So she’s pretty much an open book! Well get ready to have your mind blown! Over the weekend Katy Perry attended the Human Right’s Gala where she accepted the National Equality Award. During her acceptance speech she takes us on a trip down memory lane. You remember her first hit song, “I kissed a Girl.” And the lyrics go on to say “and I liked it. The taste of her Cherry Chapstick.” It’s okay, do a little dance… I know you want to! Well that’s not all Katy did… she kissed, she liked it and went back for more… A LOT MORE! During her speech she said…“Truth Be told, A) I did more than that.” Katy grew up in a very religious family and the only way Katy said she could reconcile with her strict, religious upbringing was to adventure out into the unknown! This speech was so awesome! She goes in depth about her upbringing even saying she prayed the gay away at her Jesus summer camps. But when she finally allowed herself to include the LGBTQ community in her life, that’s when her life changed! Of the LGBTQ community she said, they are the most free, strong, kind and inclusive people I have ever met!” Again, Preach Girl! Just another reason to love Katy Perry for being Katy Perry! What do you think of Katy’s confession? Is this a shock to you or did you already have a feeling Katy did more than kiss a girl! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
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