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Kylie Jenner INTERESTED in Meek Mill, but is SCARED of Nicki Minaj

Oh Lord, here we go again with another love triangle… this time it isn’t between the Weeknd, Selena and Bella… it’s actually with, can you guess… KYLIE JENNER!! So Kylie and Tyga have been on again, off again, and recently they’re on again and living happily ever after for now. But there is another rapper on Kylie’s radar that has got her feeling butterflies, and let’s just say this rapper’s ex might have a problem with it! As we reported last week, Meek Mill is really into Kylie and has been DMing her on Instagram. Nothing like a direct message to let a girl know IT’S ON!! What’s more he’s made his little crush on her public by liking her Instagram pictures… that’s the most public you can be! Now Kylie and Tyga are still together, but a source close to the 19 year old says “Kylie has butterflies over meek. She thinks he’s super sexy, super legit and she loves that he’s 6 foot 2 and 29.” But Tyga is 27, that’s only a 2 year difference… despite Tyga’s age, the source says she feels she’s the more mature one in her current relationship, hence their quick reported breakup last week! BUTTT if you know one thing, you know Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj broke up recently, and they were pretty much engaged!! And if we know anything from the Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj feud… it’s not to mess with either one, and in this case, especially don’t mess with Nicki! There’s been major tension between Nicki and Kylie since 2015. Nicki’s feud was with Tyga, but of course Kylie was caught in the middle and used to as collateral damage. Nicki wore a jersey in the “Feelin Myself” music video with the number 17 and the word pervert across the front of it… a supposed dig at Tyga for dating Kylie when she was just 17! The source told Hollywoodlife, “Kylie is scared that being buddies with meek publicly would get Nicki mad again.” Um, yeah, I’d say you should just move past these butterflies Kylie, because these types of love triangles rarely ever work out in anyone’s favor! But what does Tyga think about all of this? His girlfriend is getting feelings, infantile feelings anyway, for Meek yet she’s still with him?? Sounds like this could really cause their relationship to end, right?? What do you guys believe? Does Kylie really have feelings for Meek, or is the internet freaking out over a few IG likes?? Shout off your thoughts in the comments below!
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