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A chef reveals how to make perfect scrambled eggs

Indy 100 logoIndy 100 13/10/2017 Mimi Launder

© Provided by Independent Print Limited Perfect scrambled eggs are frustratingly elusive.

But, finally, one of breakfast's great mysteries has been solved by Shay Cooper. 

The Goring Hotel's Head Chef has high expectations for the simple scrambled egg at his luxury Belgravia workplace - and he's cooked up a method that always delivers.  

Here are his three rules for perfect scrambled eggs: 

1. Don't add too much liquid 

If you like milky or creamy scrambled eggs. beware.

Cooper warns against too much liquid, telling the Daily Mail:

Otherwise the yolk and white will end up separating along with the liquids. 

2. Whisk the eggs in a bowl 

Don't hold back. 

Whisk those eggs up as if they have personally offended you, only adding them to the saucepan once they're an even colour.

You're trapping air into the mixture which will result in light, fluffy scrambled eggs. And you should ideally use a large bowl. This will give you more room to work with and it's easier to whisk using a circular motion that pulls the egg close to the surface. 

3.Take them off the heat before they've finished cooking 

It only takes an instant for scrambled eggs to become overcooked.

Cooper advises you take your eggs off the heat just before you think they're ready, as they keep cooking in the pan.

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