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This Woman Has Peas On Her Full English And Twitter Is Losing It

Delish UK logo Delish UK 29/05/2020 Anna Lewis

A full English breakfast is a very personal thing. Fried eggs or scrambled. Crispy bacon or bacon that’s barely seen a pan? Peas or no peas?


Yeah, you heard me. Peas or no peas? I mean, probably no peas, right?

Well, not for this woman, who has shared a photo of her fried breakfast on social media, and there is 100% a portion of petits pois on there.

The outrageous photo was shared on the Rate My Plate Twitter account. We don’t know much about the monster behind this plate of breakfast, but we do know her name is Jessica M, and I assume she’s slithered up from the fiery pits of Hell to serve this meal.

Alongside her portion of early-morning peas are the usual breakfast suspects: sausages, beans, poached eggs, hash browns, well-buttered toast and an unidentified half-circle of meat. Is that bacon? Gammon maybe? Anyway, we’re not here to talk about that.

The general consensus is that peas on a full English is an absolute outrage. Comments range from, “It’s a criminal offence to consume peas before noon,” and “Madness. We need a priest,” to simply, “Who has peas for breakfast?”

One of the main issues people have with the breakfast is the fact that peas and beans have ended up on the same plate. One man suggests using a sausage as a dam to limit cross-contamination, but we’re not sure that’s enough to save this mess.

Saying all this… it is utter madness to eat peas before noon – I agree. But it’s not actually that crazy to have peas with sausages, right? Or even with bacon?

Oh god. What am I saying?!?! Have I been swayed into thinking this is okay?

*Adds ‘frozen peas’ to my shopping list*

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