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Top chef reveals secret to making perfect pancakes - and the common batter mistake we make

Mirror logo Mirror 13/02/2018 Zahra Mulroy

The secret lies in the batter (Image: Tetra images RF) © provided by Trinity Mirror Plc The secret lies in the batter (Image: Tetra images RF) It's almost that most wonderful time of the year - Pancake Day ! 

Nestled between Christmas and Valentine's Day , Shrove Tuesday provides some much needed comfort and happiness on cold, dark February evenings.

So, come Tuesday, how can you best ensure your pancakes are of the highest quality?

One common mistake many of us make concerns the batter.

Happily, Head Chef Steve Smith, from Michelin-starred restaurant Bohemia in Jersey has revealed the secret to getting it right.

You too can get golden, fluffy pancakes (Image: Donald EricksonE+) © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc You too can get golden, fluffy pancakes (Image: Donald EricksonE+) His tip will guarantee your pancakes are golden and crispy on the outside, while still being fluffy on the inside.

Steve points out the key lies in the batter, and making sure all the ingredients are at room temperature before they're added, The Sun writes. 

He also has another interesting suggestion, which is mixing the dry ingredients - flour and salt - in a separate bowl to the wet ones (milk and eggs).

You then pour the wet mixture into a little well in the flour and salt, and stir it together till it's smooth.

a piece of cake on a plate: Credits: iStockphoto © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: iStockphoto You should then let the batter rest for at least five minutes - which is something a lot of us don't do.

This gives the batter time to relax and for all the lumps to smooth out naturally, giving the pancakes a nice, thick consistency, which in turn means they'll be nice and fluffy!

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