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Poundland shoppers urge others not to buy bargain £2.50 steak that's 'like shoe leather'

Mirror logo Mirror 05/08/2022 Adam Cailler & Zahna Eklund

Fans of the bargain shop chain Poundland have expressed their anger over the bargain steaks that recently started appearing on shelves - over complaints they taste "awful".

The rump steaks weigh 200g each and are labelled as "superior beef", even though they only cost a very cheap £2.50 each, the Daily Star reports.

Although the steaks - which are produced by Castlerahan - seem to be an absolute steal, many customers who have purchased the meat have been left disappointed, with one even begging people not to "put this into your body".

On an extreme couponing Facebook group, one person said it was far better to invest a little more money into a good quality piece of meat instead of cutting corners to save yourself a few pennies.

Two Poundland rump steaks © Facebook Two Poundland rump steaks

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The person wrote: "Don't put this into your body, I beg of you. If you want a steak, invest in it a little bit more. This ain't it."

And another agreed, comparing the taste and texture of the meat they had bought to "shoe leather".

They said: "Awful, like shoe leather. But to be fair, it's really difficult to buy decent steak these days."

A woman shopping in Poundland © Bloomberg via Getty Images A woman shopping in Poundland

Steak is notoriously one of the more expensive cuts of meat you can buy in the supermarkets, but if you want to treat yourself to a decent piece of meat, you can pick up a 255g rump steak from Ocado - produced by Marks and Spencer - for around £4, which is less than double the Poundland alternative.

However, a Poundland spokesman has insisted that customers by and large are fans of both the taste and price of their bargain steaks.

The spokesman said: "Our Castlerahan rump steaks are from one of Ireland's leading producers - who also supply other well-known food retailers across the UK & Ireland.

"Customers that have actually tried it, have loved the taste as well as the price."

Castlerahan meat products can also be found on the shelves of other bargain supermarkets, including Heron Foods and Lidl.

And this isn't the first time the brand has been scrutinised over the taste and quality of its meat, as a thread on a farming forum last year appears to explain why the beef tastes different to others.

The post stated: "The Castlerahan brand is more likely demonstrating Lidl's loyalty to the Irish beef industry.

"After all, because they are putting 40% quinoa in the beef that means it's OK to transport it further, thus cancelling out the GHG savings? (transport costs)

"Like I said earlier, this is a food labelling issue, they are claiming to save the planet but hoodwinking consumers into buying imported beef that has been bulked out with quinoa."

While someone else wrote: "Who would have thought that in 2021 there would be a need for something not seen much since food rationing almost a century ago, a meat extender/substitute?

"The world is going to the dogs.

"If people are that desperate they could just eat less meat and add some more spuds or carrots, fresh from local fields."

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