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I Get Hate - But My Tattoos Empower Me | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

BETHANY Moore, 27 from Sussex, England is addicted to Japanese tattoos. Although she’s not a criminal, her tattoo style has been inspired by the Yakuza - a heavily inked criminal mafia based in Japan. Before she got her tattoos Bethany was quite shy; she found that once she got the tattoo bug it really brought her out of her shell and boosted her confidence. She told Truly: “Before I started getting tattoos I was really self conscious and I would never go out the house without wearing a dress with tights on. As soon as I started getting tattoos. It was having that first one I thought ‘Oh wow! I like looking at my skin.” When she was asked how many tattoos she has, Bethany said: “I would say I just have one as it all connects and flows together.” Follow Bethany here:
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