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Why are we jabbing millions of kids simply to keep teachers at work?

Daily Mail logo Daily Mail 14/09/2021 Dan Wootton for MailOnline
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Something extraordinary happened yesterday but we’re now so numbed by the consequences of this pandemic that many have shrugged it off.

A government which has been slavishly imploring us to ‘follow the science’ for months overruled one of the bodies it says we should trust to deliver the science in order to vaccinate en masse healthy children aged 12 to 15-year-olds from next week who have a miniscule chance of succumbing to Covid-19.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation had said the vaccine should only be offered to teens if they are extremely vulnerable or live with someone at risk because the benefits didn’t outweigh the risks and the chances of long Covid among the age group are low.

But the decision to ignore the JCVI’s equivocal message and continue the quest to jab jab jab at almost any cost was made by Christopher Whitty – a man with no children himself who wants us to continue to live in fear of the coronavirus in perpetuity.

One of the main reasons behind such a worrying move, with real world health risks for our innocent youngsters, was a fear that the continued spread of Covid could see them miss out on even more education.

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The embattled Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and his department have been pushing for such a rollout, terrified of the militant teaching unions who refused to work at the height of pandemic and caused the young to miss an average of 107 days of education last year.

So, in essence, we are going to be jabbing millions of kids for no good health reason just to keep teachers happy, who will no doubt start gently (or not so gently) encouraging their pupils to get jabbed.

Meanwhile ministers have made plain that parents will NOT have the right to overrule the wishes of even 12-year-olds despite experts from the JCVI saying that a 12-year-old was less likely to be deemed competent to make the decision on their own.

It’s almost unbelievable that we are pandering to such a degree to teachers who spent the vast bulk of 2020 doing everything possible not to teach.

And how is there such a conspiracy of silence around this highly controversial decision, with most politicians and media outlets accepting the unprecedented move was almost inevitable?

Why? Because it’s what they’re doing in Israel and Australia – two countries also desperately trying to jab five to 11-year-olds.

If we follow their path, new-borns will be jabbed the moment they leave the womb.

It was left to the brave Conservative MP Marcus Fysh to provide some political resistance, calling for the head of the CMO.

He tweeted: ‘Sorry to have to say it but the Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty does not deserve the confidence of the country in deciding to vaccinate teenagers without good clinical reason. He should resign.’

So much about Whitty’s decision needs to be questioned.

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What’s happened to the benefits of natural immunity? Some studies claim that the best away to protect kids and the world long-term against Covid is to let them get it. Let them build a natural immunity that - over time - will turn Covid into just another cold.

Video: Jabs for kids: 'Benefits exceed risks' (Sky News)

Is the alternative jabbing children every year forever? Covid will never go away if that is the case.

Teens are only being given one dose of the jab, rather than two, because of the dangers posed.

The most worrying of those is myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart, which a new study in the US and Israel suggests impacts 162.2 cases per million for healthy boys aged 12 to 15 and 94 cases per million for healthy boys aged 16 to 17 after two shots.

That means boys aged 12 to 15 are four to six times more likely to suffer vaccine-related myocarditis than end up in hospital with Covid.

Anyone battling a heart condition as an adult will tell you that myocarditis isn’t something you want to encounter in your teens even though the experts assure us the cases detected so far are ‘mild’.

Further, the CDC in the US is currently investigating the death of Jacob Clynick, a healthy 13-year-old from Michigan with no underlying health conditions who died in his sleep three days after receiving his second Covid jab in June.

In its report from earlier this month, the JCVI admitted there is ‘considerable uncertainty regarding the magnitude of the potential harms’ of vaccinating teens.

No wonder JCVI member Professor Adam Finn of the University of Bristol said: ‘I stand by the JCVI advice, which is not to go ahead at this time with vaccinating healthy 12 to 15-year-olds on health outcome risk-benefit grounds given the current uncertainty – as there is a small but plausible risk that rare harms could turn out to outweigh modest benefits.’

Don’t tell me a 12-year-old can make this sort of serious health decision on their own, sometimes against advice from their parents.

There’s a reason why this age group can’t vote or fight for their country in a war.

I can only imagine the scenes at schools up and down the country. Woke teachers preaching that every student should be jabbed for the good of society and to save granny, while virtually every other classmate gets vaccinated in the school hall.

It would take a very strong youngster to stand up against that degree of societal influence and peer pressure.

Parents will also be, quite rightly, concerned about the consequences to their children’s social lives and ability to travel in the future if they decide against the jab, given the government insists on keeping vaccine passports ‘in reserve’.

Now to stress, I am not in any way opposed to the brilliant and groundbreaking Covid vaccine.

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I’m double jabbed and think it’s a no brainer for any adult, especially the vulnerable or those with underlying health conditions – but it is up to the individual to make the choice.

I despise the coercion culture that has developed around vaccination, given it’s a fundamental human right to make informed decisions about what goes into our bodies.

Coronavirus is now becoming endemic.

Infection rates are not all that different amongst the vaccinated and unvaccinated – although deaths and serious disease are MUCH higher among the unvaxxed.

Avoiding Covid over the next 12 months is going to be very difficult – but the serious risks of hospitalisation and death have now gone for the vast majority of those who want to be vaccinated.

We need a commonsense approach like we have with the flu, so if you have symptoms and test positive then stay home.

Just because the rest of the world is vaccinating children doesn’t make it right.

Is it going to take the death of a perfectly healthy British youngster – possibly even one who was vaccinated against their parents’ wishes – for our officials to wake up to just how wrong this decision is?

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