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Personal trainer who ate nothing but pasta for 21 days has lost 3.5lbs - and is now leaner than when he started

A personal trainer who ate nothing but pasta for 21 days has lost 3.5lbs (1.6 kilos) and is now leaner than when he started. Ryan Mercer, 34, ate pasta for every meal - even breakfast - took on the challenge to show people can enjoy their favourite foods and still lose body fat. "I’m hoping now that people will now understand that it’s not about what foods we eat, but eating in moderation," said Ryan, from Bangor in Northern Ireland. "Calories in versus calories out is what matters most when it comes to fat loss and when it comes to fat loss, enjoying food should be a top priority." Ryan's usual diet is a flexible approach to eating, with a healthy protein intake, and seven to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. But for the challenge, Ryan ate nothing but pasta. He consumed 2,000 calories a day for five days of the week and 2,700 calories a day for the other two. Throughout the challenge, he also maintained a proper exercise routine and was working out six times-a-week. The challenge was also cost effective as Ryan only spent £3-a-day on food and was able to batch cook up to 12 meals at a time. He added: "I cooked everything from scratch. I found the prep side of things quite easy. "There was a little bit of variance week to week, but as I was batch cooking, I would have consumed the same meals 3-4 days in a row." Ryan previously completed a similar challenge where he only ate pizza for 31 days and achieve similar results.
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