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How to 'Biohack' your way to better health: Experts reveal the FIVE things that will instantly make you look and feel better

Daily Mail logo Daily Mail 19/08/2019 Sophie Haslett For Daily Mail Australia

© Getty We all know that to look and feel our best we need to eat a healthy and balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and eight hours of sleep.

But what about the idea of reaching your optimal state of health, so you get sick less and become more energised and focused?

Enter Biohacking. The movement is a systems-based approach to self-improvement, with the understanding that what we put into our biological system has a huge impact on how we feel, behave and perform.

And while it might sound high-tech, the chances are you're already incorporating some 'Biohacks' into your routine without even realising it.

© Getty Speaking with FEMAIL, experts from Tropeaka revealed their top five tips for 'Biohacking' your way to better health.

From intermittent fasting to trying a float tank, here are the small lifestyle tweaks you need to incorporate into your life to look and feel better now.

1. Change your nutrition

What is 'Biohacking'?

* Biohacking can be described as citizen or do-it-yourself biology. For many 'Biohackers', this consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being. 

* Biohacks promise anything from quick weight loss to enhanced brain function. But the best biohacking results come from being well-informed and cautious about what works for your body.

* Popular 'Biohacks' include elimination diets, intermittent fasting, getting blue light and trying a float tank. 

© Getty While you might know that what, how and when you eat has a profound effect on your health, well-being and performance, in fact you might not realise just what 'Biohacking' could do for you.

'A great starting point is to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and eliminate refined-sugar and processed foods. 

'We can also hack our health by controlling when we eat via intermittent fasting, our portion sizes and by including nutritious foods,' Tropeaka experts said.

Adding a protein powder before and after your workout will also help with keeping your muscles and energy levels satisfied. 

2. Try a cold shower

According to the experts, a cold shower has myriad benefits - both for the body and the mind. 

© Getty 'When cold water hits your tired body, you're forced to stand up tall and draw a deep breath,' Tropeaka said. 

'This sudden change to breathing and posture changes your internal chemistry, making you more alert, focused and ready for any challenge.'

Cold water also helps to boost the activity of the lymphatic system, which works to carry out waste from cells. 

3. Switch up your sleep

Should you want to 'Biohack' your sleep, the best place to start is by looking at your circadian rhythm and trying to make sure you stick to a regular sleep pattern - even at the weekend. 

© Getty 'Start by getting out of bed at the same time every morning, even if you didn't get enough sleep during the night,' Tropeaka said.

'It won't be long before your body gets used to the rhythm and falling asleep becomes easy.'

4. Meditate

You might think it sounds hippy-ish, but meditation has huge benefits for the body and mind.

'Meditation, awareness and gratitude are the ultimate Biohacks for a well-nourished mind,' Tropeaka said. 

© Getty 'From reducing pain and inflammation to increasing sleep quality and boosting productivity, meditation can have a powerfully positive impact on our physical and mental health.'

Try meditating for just five minutes a day and see how you get on.

5. Embrace sensory deprivation

Lastly, one of the best ways to 'Biohack' your way to better health is to embrace sensory deprivation.

'In today's era, there is no doubt that we're overstimulated. A constant stream of information, notifications, lights and beeps – keeping us distracted from our thoughts and feelings,' the Tropeaka experts said.

© Getty They recommend you try float tanks - whereby you're suspended in salty, skin-temperature water to create an ideal environment for deep relaxation and meditation.

'It makes for one of the most effective Biohacks for combatting stress and all its negative side effects including depression and anxiety,' the experts said.

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