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How your weekend routine could be making your period feel even worse

Mirror logo Mirror 09/02/2018 Zahra Mulroy

a person sitting on a bed © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited No one would ever put the words "menstruation" and "enjoyable" in the same sentence.

Yet there are things we're doing and habits we have which are actively making having a period worse.

By worse, we mean prolonging painful cramps and increasing horrid PMS symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety.

What's more, these habits tend to really come into play during our weekend routine, when we're trying to enjoy ourselves and forget about work.

So here are the things to be aware of which make your period worse, come Friday evening...

Hitting the booze hard.

Yes, many of us are living for the weekend, but living for it a little less when it's your time of the month could have a huge and positive effect.

a group of people sitting at a table: Credits: Getty © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Getty Those much-needed end-of-week gin and tonics can play havoc with your PMS.

Alcohol worsens PMS symptoms and may increase the risk for prolonged cramping (dysmenorrhea) during menstruation, a cheery study warned. 

And recovering with coffee.

It's often the first thing many of us reach for, especially if we need to feel human a little more than usual.

a person drinking from a cup © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Alyssa Dweck, author of V is for Vagina warns that drinking coffee can increase PMS symptoms such as anxiety, tension, insomnia, and irritability. 

Instead, she recommends doing light to moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day to help relieve PMS misery.

So unfair.

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<strong> The INSIDER Summary:</strong><strong>Menstrual blood is not unsanitary - it's life-giving.</strong><strong>Period pain isn't a necessary part of menstruation, and can be avoided.</strong><strong>Hormonal birth control can mask problems instead of solving them.</strong><p><a href="">Alisa Vitti</a> is a functional nutritionist, women's hormone expert, and author of "<a href="">WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source</a>," one of the top 50 bestselling women's health books of all time. She channeled her expertise into creating the <a href="">MyFLO</a> period tracker and hormone balancing app to help people understand and navigate the underlying causes of their period problems. </p><p> Vitti spoke with INSIDER at <a href="">Cycles + Sex</a> after her keynote speech, entitled "Your Period Doesn't Have to Suck (Everything You Need to Know About Your Cycle and How to Fix It)," to debunk five common menstrual myths.</p><p> It's time to give these up.</p> 5 period myths that need to go away

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