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Patrick Hutchinson Talks Fitness, Race and the Sectioning of Black Men | Gym Chat | Men’s Health UK

On June 13, 2020 Patrick Hutchinson was snapped saving the life of a ‘counter protestor’. The picture went around the world and Patrick, along with his friends, Jamaine Facey, Chris Otokito and Lee Russell, became unwitting heroes. The men sat down with Men’s Health to discuss how their martial arts backgrounds influenced their decision to go to the protest that day, the role fitness and training plays in maintaining their mental health, as well as telling us about United to Change and Inspire (UTCAI), the new collective they’ve formed to continue the fight for equality. Men's Health UK Trusted guidance for men passionate about their health, fitness and mental wellbeing. With muscle-building advice, style hacks, nutrition tips and workouts to try, we’ve got all areas covered Men’s Health UK: Men’s Health UK on Facebook: Men’s Health UK on Twitter: Men’s Health UK on Instagram: Men’s Health on Pinterest:
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