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#justice for Savannah

Our names are Chelsea Tirre-Dixon and Patrick Tirre. Our daughter Savannah Tirre goes to Zia Middle school and is in 6th grade. She is a bright, funny, intelligent active young woman who happens to be Gay. We couldn’t be prouder of our daughter. All children argue with other kids, want to be popular, lie from time to time, and struggle in one way or another. Our daughter is not perfect... she has had many struggles coming out and bring accepted by her peers. She was bullied at Picacho earlier this year and saw no punishment done to the kids that treated her differently because she was gay so we transferred her to Zia middle school. From there Savannah had many friends that supported her and loved her no differently because she was gay. Savannah has also been a member of Boys and Girls Club of Las Cruces for the last 4 years and both the staff and the students supported her coming out. They cheered her on when she decided to cut off her hair. Thank you for that Boys and Girls Club. Savannah had a friendship with a student at Zia that quickly turned controlling, emotional highs and lows and not healthy for the development of such young girls. Savannah was admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Memorial Medical Center related to emotional issues from bullying. We were told they could be Psychogenic Seizures but there is no way to give an exact diagnoses. My daughter had 5 seizures in 5 days when she had never had this issue prior. We took a big look at her life and decided what she should be allowed to do , who to speak with and what to be apart of. We explained to Savannah her and this other student could no longer be friends. Savannah reluctantly however respected our wishes, she understood that us as parents are trying to do what’s best for our child (however many of us make mistakes, we aren’t perfect either) and she did not speak to the student or speak of the student. Since then Savannah’s grades have improved, she plays basketball for Zia middle school, she is happier, and she is learning to love who she is and understands the world will not always accept her. Incidents happened in between but this Friday was the final straw. Our daughter was informed at the beginning of school by a classmate that she was gonna be jumped at the end of the day. Savannah told the deputy on duty at the school. She continued to avoid the student as always. At the end of the school. Savannah was walking alone to the Boys and Girls Club van and this other student jumped my daughter from behind and punched her head several times and punched her in the back. Savannah did NOT fight back. As you can see in the video. She protected her head The video was posted by the student who did it along with all her friends. It has been sent to many many people. I have many arguments . Why wasn’t Savannah being escorted to the van when she informed the school she was at risk? Why is our daughter being suspended? And who is holding this child accountable? Please help me help my daughter. Share this please.
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