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Mum's 'nasty' response when train passenger asks her son to be quiet has parents divided

MyLondon logo MyLondon 05/08/2022 Amber-Louise Large

Kids have tantrums sometimes, it's just one of those things. One mum has taken to social media after she faced the oh-so-familiar situation of her child getting upset on public transport. The parent was confused when another mum approached to say: "can you be quiet? My baby is sleeping?"

But it is the first mum's response that has everyone riled up online. Writing on Mumsnet, she explained how her three-year-old grew frustrated when she took her phone away from him on the train. The toddler started to cry and another parent got involved.

The Mumsnet contributor said: "A mum who was sat behind me heard all this and came to the aisle, bent down beside us, leaned in. I thought she was going to offer DS a toy or a sweet to cheer him up but instead and said 'do you think you could be quiet? My baby is asleep'.

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A fellow passenger was worried the crying would wake their baby (STOCK IMAGE) © Getty Images A fellow passenger was worried the crying would wake their baby (STOCK IMAGE)

"I told her in no uncertain terms that I would not be asking him to stop crying and that we have a baby at home too. She isn’t the first person to have a baby asleep on public transport. She could easily have walked the baby in the buggy further down the train."

She finished the post by asking: "AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to think that asking a toddler who is crying and having a tantrum to not cry is bat**** crazy?"

Fellow Mumsnet users were divided but many said she was in fact being unreasonable. "It's a bit unusual but to be honest your reaction sounds worse!" said one parent. Another commented: "You said this? That's nasty!!"

Others said she should have attempted to calm her child down, with one getting sarcastic: "I’m sure all the other passengers enjoyed the sound of your son crying if you weren’t even going to attempt to stop him."

Meanwhile, some fellow mums were more understanding. "Your response may not have been wholly appropriate but only came as a response to her bizarre behaviour towards your child's perfectly normal behaviour," said one.

Another added: "A train is public transport. Toddlers cry. Anyone wanting perfect silence needs to drive themselves or hire a taxi."


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