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18 new life hacks for 2018 to make every day a little bit easier

Mirror logo Mirror 02/02/2018 Caroline Jones

a man using a laptop computer © Getty 1 Stay perfectly chilled Knocked dry January on the head? Enjoy your glass of Pinot to the max by freezing green grapes and dropping a couple into the wine to keep it chilled without watering it down.

2 Beat button blues Fed up having to ditch a favourite shirt or coat as there’s a button missing? Simply applying a coat of clear nail varnish to the centre threads on each button will stop the thread breaking or fraying.

3 Help keep flight costs down Make sure you delete your browser history every time you go online to check flight rates for that holiday you long for. Although travel companies deny it, research suggests prices may increase when you visit a site multiple times thanks to stored information about previous searches.

a close up of an object: Credits: Getty © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Getty 4 Quick battery cheat Need an AA battery but can only find a AAA in the drawer? Use the smaller size and fill up the remaining space with a ball of tin foil at the negative end. It will act as a conductor and should keep your gadget working until you can buy the correct size.

5 Chew yourself clever If revising for a test or trying to remember a speech, chew gum while making your notes – then chew the same flavour gum when you need to recall the information. Research shows you’ll find it easier and faster to access it.

6 Ice cream in an instant Forget the high-fat shop-bought stuff. You can make healthy ‘ice cream’ just by freezing chopped ripe bananas and then blitzing it with a blender for a couple of minutes.

7 Avoid flying low Stop flies unzipping on your old favourite jeans by hooking the spare ring from a keyring through the hole in the zip then looping it over the waist button.

a person brushing the teeth: Credits: Getty © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Getty 8 Stop finger burns End the hassle of matches burning right down before you’ve lit a hob or candle. Just light the end of a spaghetti stick and take your time.

9 Pain-free picture hanging Stop the frustration of trying to line up the hook or wire on the back with the nail in the wall. Hang a fork on the nail, balanced prongs down. Slide the wire over the fork handle until it lands on the nail, then pull the fork out.

10 No more packet cuts Why do so many small gadgets come in those blister packs that are impossible to open? Instead of doing yourself an injury with a knife or scissors, grab a can opener to make light work of the job.

a close up of a device: Credits: Getty © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Getty 11 Hoover without harm Lost an earring or small part of your child’s favourite toy on the floor somewhere? Stretch a pair of tights over your vacuum cleaner nozzle to pick it up without sucking it in.

12 Get the shower sparkling

To dissolve limescale on your shower head, fill a plastic sandwich bag with two inches of cheap white vinegar and tie it around the head with an elastic band. Leave it to soak overnight and it will be shiny and new the next day.

13 Prolong flower life How do you make cut flowers last longer? Researchers found adding a couple of glugs of lemonade to a vase was the best way.

a vase filled with purple flowers © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited 14 Perfect rice every time It’s all about the right water-to-rice ratio. Hold a forefinger tip down in the pan before cooking (after adding rice) and ensure the water only comes up as far as your knuckle joint.

15 Stop tights static Static cling can be annoying at this time of year. Rub fabric conditioner on to your hands, then run them up and down your tights while wearing them. It gives the fabric a positive charge, neutralising static’s negative.

16 Shop without stress After your next big shop, put all the shopping items on a table in a group before you put it away, and take a photo on your phone. You’ll then have an instant visual shopping list to refer to next time you’re at the supermarket and can’t remember what you need.

a bowl of food: Credits: Getty © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Getty 17 Try a memory trick Do you panic about whether you’ve remembered to lock the door or turn off the hair straighteners? Try doing something unusual while going through your ‘leaving the house’ routine. Singing a new tune or jumping up and down twice will ensure you remember doing it later.

18 Avoid boiling over Placing a wooden spoon over a pot of water while it’s boiling will make sure it doesn’t boil over if you get distracted or have to leave the kitchen for a moment.

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