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Geraniums: 5 flower trends you need to embrace in your garden this summer

House Beautiful (UK) logo House Beautiful (UK) 08/07/2018 Olivia Heath

Geraniums: 5 trends you need to embrace © Pelargonium for Europe Geraniums: 5 trends you need to embrace As one of the best-known flowers, geraniums have been bringing an abundance of colour to gardens all over Europe since the 19th century.

With its gorgeous green leaves and fabulous vibrant flowers, today, an estimated 40 million geraniums are planted in UK gardens each year, and this is only continuing to grow.

With more than 250 species, this fairly strong and low-maintenance plant can be enjoyed for three whole seasons every year, and this year, these national favourites are looking brighter than ever with an increasing range of vivid colours to bring your garden and outdoor space to life.

a pink flower on a plant: Geranium Psilostemon © Mark Bolton - Getty Images Geranium Psilostemon 'Geraniums provide such great value in outdoor containers and window boxes but also in the borders,' says Claudia De Yong, landscape and garden consultant. 'They add a splash of colour right through the summer months, their lush foliage adds texture in the garden and they just keep on giving even coping with adverse weather conditions.

'Geraniums also make great companions for under planting the bare stems of roses or even a grape vine. They also go well with Lobelia and Alyssum.'

Pelargonium for Europe, an initiative to promote long-term sales of geraniums in Europe, has revealed five geranium trends for this summer. 

1. Ombre

Choose shades of the same colour from light to dark to create a tonal effect. There are so many geranium colours available – think brightest orange, fading down to palest tangerine; or deep hot pink, moving down to the faintest blush. Using different tones of the same colour creates a sense of depth and visual interest.

a vase filled with purple flowers: Geraniums and ivy turn an unsightly partition wall into a brightly-coloured sea of flowers © Pelargonium for Europe Geraniums and ivy turn an unsightly partition wall into a brightly-coloured sea of flowers 2. Sculpture

Adding sculpture to containers adds a touch of visual flamboyance and creates height and structure around which geraniums can be planted. Look for wire mesh sculptures and leave open for a subtle effect, or fill with moss for greater impact. Fix tiny solar lights to the sculpture to create a twinkling display at night.

3. Block Colours

Planting single-colour geraniums isn’t new, but the enormous variety in shades means that you can create a very individual style – think deepest burgundy or purple for a darker display, or lilac for a vivid splash of unusual colour. If a white display appeals, try instead a white variety with a splash of pink or red in their petals. Combine with trailing ivy for a classic look.

a vase of flowers on a plant: Geranium summer planters along staircase © Pelargonium for Europe Geranium summer planters along staircase 4. Elevated Style

Because geraniums are far more long suffering that most annual bedding plants, they are ideal for window boxes, which often bake in the sun all day. This durability also makes these plants suitable for other types of elevated planting on metal garden structures on balconies and around period doorways, combining a mixture of trailing and upright geraniums for maximum impact.

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table: Geraniums balcony gardening © Pelargonium for Europe Geraniums balcony gardening 5. Upcycling containers

While terracotta, ceramic and lead-effect are all classically stylish, think about upcycling other containers, even hessian bags filled with compost will work beautifully for a contemporary twist.

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