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How to Choose New Skis: Going Local with Meier Quickdraw Skis

When it came time to look for a new pair of skis, I decided to check out Colorado manufacturer Meier Skis, which has a shop in downtown Denver, where you can watch skis being pressed while sipping a microbrew from a stool in their house bar. “We call it a ‘craft skiery'. So the idea here is for people to come in, have a beer, talk to our ski-tender, learn about the brand, learn about the materials we use and then literally watch from the bars our guys pressing skis and snowboards,” owner Ted Enyon tells me. Meier Skis makes operates with a mission to be the world’s most eco-friendly, high performance ski company and they make some awesome skis and snowboards that come with completely customizable top-skin graphics. “We actually make the skis ourselves. We use locally harvested wood. We use Colorado Aspen and beetle kill pine,” Ted says. “It’s very sustainable wood. It’s locally sourced and it makes an amazing ski.” Based on my skiing style — I like to cut curves and be in control at all times, Ted suggested the Quickdraw ski for me, but he threw in some custom touches with my Catch Carri logo when pressing them. When it came time to ride, these skis performed exactly as Ted described them, allowing me to control my ride while still having fun.
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