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This Sweet Vegetable Is One of the Healthiest in the Produce Aisle

This Sweet Vegetable Is One of the Healthiestin the Produce Aisle Beyond their delicately sweet flavor and tender texture, sweet potatoes boast a variety of healthful benefits. If you eat a whole medium sweet potato, you'll get more than 500% of your daily vitamin A. Vitamin A can prevent vision damage, while helping keep the cornea hydrated and healthy. Sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of potassium. If you eat a whole potato, you'll get nearly 1000 milligrams. Potassium helps balance out negative effects caused by too much sodium, like bloating and high blood pressure. Oats get a lot of praise as a source of heart-friendly soluble fiber, but sweet potatoes aren't far behind. The soluble fiber in sweet potatoes creates a gel-like substance when it's breaking down in the digestive tract. This substance then blocks the absorption of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Fiber is good for your digestive system and bowel movements, too. As a source of complex carbohydrates, sweet potatoes can provide long-lasting energy. In any form, sweet potatoes provide your body with a lot of essential nutrients and plenty of flavor.
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