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Woman 'gives homeless guy a chance' after he helped with her shopping - and now they have two kids together

Hull Live logo Hull Live 21/03/2022 Kieran Isgin & Laura Cross

A modern day romance story has emerged on social media platform TikTok. A woman who was struggling to carry her shopping offered a homeless man some money and it soon blossomed into love.

Jasmine Grogan said her now-lover, Macauley Murchie, first refused the cash and instead wanted to help her with her bags. She has since gone on to give him a brand-new look, including a new set of teeth.

From the moment they met, the couple's relationship blossomed and they are now sharing a life together with two kids, reports Manchester Evening News. Jasmine shared their story on TikTok which showed snaps of Macauley before and after he got with her while she explained how the unlikely pair met.

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She said: "Met a homeless man one day doing my food shopping. Offered him money but he wouldn’t except it…

“I went inside [and] continued to do my shop and couldn't stop thinking about him. I went outside and asked if I could help him anyway, he said no. He asked if I wanted help putting my shopping into a taxi, I said yes.

Jasmine insisted on taking Macauley out to dinner © tiktok/jasminegrogan1 Jasmine insisted on taking Macauley out to dinner

“I asked if he wanted me to get him something to eat. He was embarrassed but he said yes and we went for some dinner.

“We had a long talk about his life. I went and bought him a little phone so we could keep in contact, there was something different about him.

“I got him a hotel and I went home. We kept in contact. I couldn't stop thinking about him.”

Jasmine goes on to show some texts between them, showcasing their developing relationship.

Grateful for Jasmine showing such generosity, Macauley messaged: “You’ve made my day, thank you so much for everything, you are amazing. Can’t stop thinking about you xx.”

She replied: “You don’t have to thank me, I can’t get you out of my mind either.”

Jasmine went on to invite Macauley out for lunch so she could see him again.

After the pair tucked into their beef dinner, Jasmine asked if he wanted to go back to her house and “sort” him some clothes to wear.

Jasmine got Macauley new teeth while he shaved his beard and cut his hair © tiktok/jasminegrogan1 Jasmine got Macauley new teeth while he shaved his beard and cut his hair

Jasmine shared: “I got him some new clothes and told him he could stay the night, but he ended up staying a lot longer than one night. We instantly fell in love. I knew he was the one for me. He was so nice.”

Since then the couple have stayed strong together.

“We went on multiple dates, eventually he shaved his beard, got new teeth and got a really good job. We’ve never been apart since.”

Eventually, Macauley decided to propose to Jasmine and now they have two kids together.

“We are so glad our paths crossed and believe everything happens for a reason, he made my life so much better and I couldn’t imagine doing it without him now.”

The couple now have two kids together © tiktok/jasminegrogan1 The couple now have two kids together

Jasmine's clips have garnered over seven million views on TikTok and has received a wave of heartfelt comments.

One person commented: “This is incredibly adorable.”

Another user added: “You are a literal angel You are both so lucky and deserve each other.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “I’m in utter tears.”

You can follow Jasmine on TikTok here.


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