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Hair wars: long vs short

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Short hair seems to be the new long hair - but is shorter really better?

'Short hair, don't care' seems to be the new celebrity mantra when it comes to hairstyles, with countless celebs cutting their long locks in favour of a bobbed 'do.

In just the last week alone, stars including Ellie Goulding, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens have gone for the chop, with Jessica posting on Instagram: 'Uh oh someone chopped off her hair!'

Well, you needed worry Jess - celebrity hairstylist Stuart Phillips reckons that the current trend for shorter hair is a sign that the economy is starting to recover (following the thinking that short hair requires more upkeep, and therefore more cash), so it's all good!

But, economics aside, is short hair really a better look than long hair? The A-list seem to be firmly in the 'yes' camp, so we've compared the cute crops of 15 celebs who've recently gone short with their formerly long locks to decide once and for all.

Click through the images to compare 15 long vs short hairstyles - and to decide which looks best for yourself!

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