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London Underground commuters complain 'gross habit' is 'back' after 'people learn nothing from last 2 years'

MyLondon 29/11/2022 Rory Bennett

Londoners have taken to social media to vent their frustration with commuters and Tube passengers who seemed to have learnt nothing from the pandemic. With lockdown a nasty memory for many, hopping onto public transport is no longer such a daunting matter - but with that comfort has seemingly come the re-emergence of some grimmer habits.

When public transport required everyone to wear a mask, the rules around spreading germs seemed quite simple - avoid doing it. But as time has gone on and masks are no longer standard face wear simple actions of etiquette including covering one's mouth when coughing also seemed to have gone out the window.

Posting on Reddit one exasperated Tube user wrote: “I wish people coughing up their guts on public transport would wear a mask.”

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Commuters wear face-masks during morning rush hour on the Victoria Line of the London Underground © TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images Commuters wear face-masks during morning rush hour on the Victoria Line of the London Underground

They followed it up by saying: “Glad we don't all have to wear one like before but even if it's not Covid (and hopefully they tested...) it would be thoughtful not to spread your cold or flu everywhere. I wish that would become the norm as it's really gross.”

The post received 4k upvotes and hundreds of comments, sparking a discussion even more basic than maks wearing. Someone in the comments responded: “Or just cover your damn mouth. Ever. Anywhere. One of the first things I noticed when moving here from Australia was how basically nobody covers their mouth when they cough, and it's something that has never stood out to me anywhere else I've travelled to. People just coughing in your face, or turn to cough away from their friends, directly at you. It's disgusting.”

The was seconded, thirded, fourthed, etc. by hundreds of people, all of who had seen people on public transport never covering their mouths or attempting to catch their cough. Another comment read: “I'm more annoyed that people don't even attempt to cover their mouth when they cough. For me it's a reflex. It would feel weird not to.”

A third person replied to the comment by saying: “These people have evidently learned absolutely nothing the last two years.”

A fourth person said: “For some reason I thought Covid would change people’s hygiene habits...but nope”

It seems like many of London’s public transport users can’t catch a break despite the end of the Covid pandemic but they might catch the flu.


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