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Woman lives in place so remote she has to travel 10 HOURS to do her food shop

A woman lives in a place so remote that she has to travel 10 hours to do her food shop every eight weeks. Hilary Messer-Barrow, 33, had always been a city girl living in Vancouver, Canada, until she had to move out to remote Yukon, Canada, for her husband, James *, 28, job. After initially being 'gutted' by the extreme lifestyle change she has now fallen in love with her new home - despite the trek to the supermarket. It takes the couple days to prepare for the supermarket trip, to insure they have enough food to last them six to eight weeks. Their house is surrounded other houses in a little community of around 100 people, which is located on the traditional terriority of the White River first nation. There are no street names and the village has a gas station which has a only couple of provisions. The nearest hospital is in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, about a five hour drive away, but the community has a health centre with one nurse. Hilary, a teaching assistant, from Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada, said: "I had been used to walking to the shops and living the city girl life. "I had never really cooked before but now I make everything," Hilary said. "At first cravings were hard as I couldn't fulfil them but now, I anticipate them." "I spend as much of my day outside. "I do a lot of cross-country skiing and walking my dog. "There isn't a day when I'm not outside." The couple even eloped and had married in a remote location with a cabin and their dog, Chilli, a labrador retriever cross with a blue heeler. "I would never have thought how good this would be," Hilary said. "It's made me confront my anxieties and learn so much about myself. "I have such a deep connection with the beautiful landscape around me."
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