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How to: Get your lips ready for your wedding day

Cover Media logo Cover Media 13/08/2019

© Getty images © Getty images Naturally, every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and spends months planning the dress, the make-up and the hair, as well as the event itself, so it’s no surprise the lips might get forgotten. 

Yet, skincare expert Dr. Emma Wedgeworth says it can take up to three months for a bride-to-be to get her pout in tip-top condition for her big day. 

© Getty images © Getty images “I see so many brides-to-be in my clinic who come to me for a great skincare regime to get healthy glowing skin. But it’s so easy to forget about the lips!” she explains. “In fact, brides need at least three months to prep their lips before you get hitched! And if your lips aren’t in good condition, you can’t achieve perfect make-up.” 

Here are Emma’s top tips for preparing your lips before you say “I do!” 

Start early 

© Getty images © Getty images “If you want to pick the perfect lip colour during your make-up trials, you need to start conditioning your lips well in advance,” Emma says. 

Pick a product tailored to your needs

If you are very sensitive and suffer from extremely dry, chapped lips, Emma recommends trying Blistex’s Relief Cream or Medplus, but you can also use products such as the Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm or Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. 

If you don’t have any particular needs, you should go for a daily conditioning product like Blistex’s Lip Brilliance, which helps plump up the lips, or you can check out Boy De Chanel Lip Balm or Lanolips’ 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm.  

Don’t forget the sun protection

© Getty images © Getty images “Sun can be incredibly damaging to the skin on your lips.  Use a product with a high SPF regularly when in direct sunlight,” Emma advises. 

Protect your lips before applying active skincare 

© Getty images © Getty images "Active skincare, like retinols, AHAs or BHAs can really dry your skin out, even if you aren’t applying it near the lips. So, before you apply any active facial skincare, protect your lips with a thick layer of product,” Emma adds. 

Drink more water 

Make sure you stop your pout from looking dehydrated by drinking two litres of water per day. The lips are the first area of the skin to show signs of dehydration, and that’s definitely not something you want on your big day! 

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