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Homes Under the Hammer sees man 'go to town' on Kidsgrove house and give it a 'total transformation'

Stoke on Trent Live logo Stoke on Trent Live 24/11/2022 Tom Vigar

The BBC's Homes Under The Hammer visited Kidsgrove, near Stoke-on-Trent, in today's episode, and saw a property developer "go to town" on a semi-detached family home. Gavin bought the home at auction for £110,000 and did it up beautifully, with the intention of selling it on for a tidy profit.

The house was in a smart residential development, not far from the centre of Kidsgrove. Although the three-bedroom property's decor was very dated, there were no serious problems with it.

Presenter Martin Roberts said: "All in all, this is just a really nice family home. And if you think that all auction properties are run down, terrible... just in a right old state, then this is a classic example of one that isn't."

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Gavin therefore saw it as a "nice, easy, simple" project to add to his property portfolio. He has been working on property full time for two years, and part time previously to that. Keen to do as much of the work as possible himself, he even qualified as an electrician so he could sort out the electrics at the houses he works on.

He told Martin that he aimed to do the property up within three to four months, at a cost of around £14,000, and would then look to sell it, to contribute to his "pension plans". Gavin said he would get new windows, or at least change the seals, install a new kitchen and bathroom, and add more plug sockets in some rooms.

According to local estate agent Phil Jones, once renovated, the house would be able to fetch around £160,000 on the market. Or if Gavin chose to rent it out, he could expect to make about £650 a month.

Gavin speaking inside the newly refurbished home © BBC Gavin speaking inside the newly refurbished home

One of the biggest challenges Gavin faced was a 50 mile daily drive from his home in Sutton Coldfield to Kidsgrove. Over the course of the project, he would end up driving a total on 10,200 miles between the towns.

Another issue he faced was in the garden, where problems with drainage were creating a "swimming pool" of water. He first installed a soakaway at the bottom of the garden, but even this wasn't enough, so he had to go further and add drainage systems to both sides of the garden.

The old living room, with an old green sofa and a green wall © BBC The old living room, with an old green sofa and a green wall

Dealing with the drainage issues meant Gavin had to spend more time and money than he was expecting. But he eventually solved the problems and added some low level decking beside the lawn to create an attractive garden.

In total, he spent around £19,000 on renovating the house, which added to the cost of the property, adds up to a total spend of £129,000. Gavin was therefore keen to hear from some estate agents what they thought he could sell it for.

Mr Jones returned to the house and was very impressed. He said: "I think the buyer's done an absolutely fantastic job. The kitchen is gorgeous, all the brush steel switches and sockets really make a nice finish to the property."

The old kitchen, with some date appliances © BBC The old kitchen, with some date appliances The new, modern kitchen © BBC The new, modern kitchen

And fellow estate agent Jade Skelton agreed. She said: "I think the house is done to a fantastic standard throughout. The main factor of the property that jumps out at me is the kitchen/dining space to the rear. It's very modern, very well done and it's a space that the market seems to demand."

Both Mr Jones and Ms Skelton agreed that the house could sell for around £160,000. That would give Gavin a profit of £31,000, before taxes and expenses, which he was pleased with, saying: "That's great. Really pleased with it. I think that's where we were aiming."

Gavin explained how he'd ended up doing more to the house than he originally planned, and he was glad he'd done so. He explained: "It could have been rented out. It could have just been tidied up but as we went to resell we were planning on just doing a fairly light refurbishment on it, but it became clear as we were changing things that we needed a bit more work to be done.

The old bathroom, with a bright green toilet, sink and bath © BBC The old bathroom, with a bright green toilet, sink and bath The new, modern bathroom © BBC The new, modern bathroom

"That combined with the fact that the estate agent said, 'if you put a better finish on it then you'll get your money back and a bit more', we thought we'll go to town a lit bit basically."

Clearly proud of his achievement, Gavin added: "I think we've made a fabulous first-time-buyer's house, or young family's house. Somewhere somebody can come in, put their belongings down and make a from day one."

And presenter Martin agreed, saying: "Gavin has done a brilliant job and brought the house right up to date. From wall to wall and top to bottom - a total transformation."



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