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10 ways to save money in 2015

Experian logoExperian 28/01/2015

From taking advantage of new cost-cutting technologies to making the most of comparison and cashback websites, here are 10 ways you can make 2015 your savviest financial year yet…

Spending £5 a day on supermarket snacks and sandwiches will cost you around £1,000 a year – that’s the cost of a holiday!© Studio-Annika/Getty Images Spending £5 a day on supermarket snacks and sandwiches will cost you around £1,000 a year – that’s the cost of a holiday!

1. Install a smart meter

A smart meter can cut your bills by up to £150 a year, according to the big energy companies. These nifty new meters automatically send your gas and electricity readings to your energy supplier and come with in-home displays, so you can keep tabs on how much energy you’re using – and cut back if you feel you’re using too much.

2. Take your own lunch to work

Spending £5 a day on supermarket snacks and sandwiches will cost you around £1,000 a year – that’s the cost of a holiday! Make your own lunch every morning instead and put the money you save towards a plane ticket or a swanky hotel. While we’re on the subject, steer clear of bottled water, too. According to some reports, an estimated 30% of supermarket bottled water comes from the tap, anyway.

3. Check your Direct Debits

Remember that gym you were a member of three years ago? Or that magazine you used to subscribe to but cancelled ages ago? It might be worth double-checking your Direct Debits to make sure you’re not still paying for them. Britons waste an average of £70 a month paying by Direct Debit for services they don’t need or use, so make sure you’re not one of them!

4. Fit your radiator with a booster

A radiator booster can cut your heating bills by up to 10% and will only set you back about £25. Once the booster is fitted, your radiator will heat up your home much more quickly, using a fraction of the energy, so you can keep warm during those icy winter nights without worrying about the cost.

5. Earn cashback when you shop online

Earn instant money back when you do your shopping via cashback sites like and All you need to do is set up an account then browse via the cashback site to your favourite stores and shop as normal. A percentage of the money you spend will automatically go back into your bank account. It’s almost like getting paid to shop!

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6. Claim for late train fares

If your train is delayed for more than half an hour, you are entitled to claim at least part of your rail fare back. It’s surprisingly easy to do! Either ask the ticket inspector for a paper refund form or log onto the rail company’s website and fill in an online form.

If you have a smart phone, you can even make your claim while you’re sitting on your delayed train. The amount you’ll get back depends on the company, but given how often trains seem to be delayed these days, you could end up saving hundreds of pounds if you’re a regular traveller.

7. Shop around for the best deals

Searching for a product on a comparison website only takes a few seconds and will guarantee that you’re getting the best possible deal. will tell you where to get the best value on your weekly grocery shop, while and will help you get the most out of your car, home and travel insurance. For cheap flights and hotels, try

8. Become a complainer

Did your dinner get served with a hair on the plate? Was that flat-pack furniture you ordered online damaged when it arrived? Don’t put up with substandard service! By making a calm, reasonable complaint, you could end up getting a substantial refund. And even if you don’t, you’ll at least get what you paid for in the first place.

9. Ditch your TV licence

Want to save £145.50 in an instant? Then consider doing without a TV licence. If you watch all your TV shows on catch-up channels such as BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 on Demand and ITV Player you don’t actually need a TV licence anyway, as you’re watching shows that have already been broadcast.

You don’t need a licence to watch DVDs or to stream Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video either.

10. Just say no!

Door-to-door salesmen, dessert when you’re already full, the overpriced upgrade on your TV sports package – saying no to things that you don’t really need is probably the simplest way to save money.

With a bit of willpower, you can put the money you would otherwise have spent on unnecessary bits and pieces towards important buys like a holiday or a new car.

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