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Drivers warned of huge chaos as fuel protests set to take over UK today

Daily Express logo Daily Express 04/07/2022 Kris Boratyn

Fuel protests have been mounting across the country for the past few weeks, and they are expected to get even more frequent, according to experts. One of the biggest demonstrations so far is set to take place today across Britain with FairFuelUK warning of chaos.

According to the experts at FairFuelUK, several demonstrations are set to take place in Yorkshire, M54, Essex, M5, A63, M180 and other major roads across the UK.

Howard Cox, the founder of the FairFuelUK campaign, said: "These are not just demonstrations against the record excruciatingly high petrol and diesel prices that rise each and every day.

"They are also about the sickening chronic manipulation of pump prices and the complete lack of scrutiny by our out-of-touch Government, in allowing unchecked petrol and diesel profiteering to run rife.

"And at the same time, this allegedly self-proclaiming low taxation Conservative Government is wallowing in £3billion of extra VAT in just the last year alone.

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Fuel protests © Getty Fuel protests

Petrol costs have skyrocketed and motorists are struggling to fill up. So where has the cheapest petrol in the UK?

"All due to these record unaffordable prices.

"They continue to be in denial, a state of torpor and seem clueless in reducing the pain of the crippling cost of living crisis."

Mr Cox added: "With UK petrol prices currently 20p more than the average across 35 European countries and diesel 25p more, Rishi Sunak must cut Fuel Duty by at least 20p and introduce PumpWatch before the economy is ruined even more.

"There are so many evidential examples of obvious pump price exploitation in the last 20 years, but during Covid years and since the onset of the Ukrainian crisis, the big fuel supply chain businesses have reached the lowest of lows in ripping off UK drivers at will."


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According to data provided by FairFuelUK, the cost of petrol and diesel has not gone down despite the wholesale prices dropping.

The experts said that in June the wholesale price of petrol fell by 14.9p per litre, but the pump price rocketed by 17.4p.

They added that had this wholesale fall been honestly passed onto drivers, petrol would now be around 170p per litre, not the average drivers now see at over 191p per litre.

The experts also raged over diesel prices.

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fuel protest © Getty fuel protest

They said: "In the last 20 years, here in the UK, diesel has always been priced higher than petrol.

"Whereas in the rest of the world, diesel is invariably cheaper than unleaded.

"So, it's no surprise that derv continues to be seen as easy pickings for the greedy faceless oil companies, wholesalers and multiple forecourt owners."

Since June 1 wholesale diesel increased by 3.5p yet retail price rose by a whopping 16.1p per litre.

Fuel prices © EXPRESS Fuel prices

Since June 14, diesel wholesale prices dropped by 7.2p per litre, yet filling up costs increased by 8.1p.

However, petrol station owners have previously revealed how much money they make from fuel sales.

And to the drivers' surprise, the amount is very small.

One petrol station in Wales shared insight on their profits on Facebook.

The owner explained that a £100 sale of diesel at 193.9p per litre accounted for 51.57 litres of diesel.

The petrol station makes a 4p-per-litre profit meaning that it will only receive £2.06 from that particular sale.

On top of that, if the transaction is carried out via a credit card, another £1.69 is charged by the firm providing the services.

This, in turn, leaves the petrol stations with a 37p profit.

And, that's before taking into consideration things such as electricity costs, maintenance, and wages.


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