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Having fresh flowers in your home does this amazing thing to your body

Red (UK) logo Red (UK) 22/05/2019 Roanna Day
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For some, finding happiness is an everyday battle. Britain is facing a mental health epidemic as services fail those who need them the most and more people than ever are falling into crisis. We’ve partnered with giving platform Benevity to raise funds for charities Mind and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) who work on the front line helping these complex and debilitating issues. You can make a real difference to people’s lives - please donate now.

We've always liked having flowers in the home - their gorgeous smell (think of wonderfully scented stocks), the bright colours (think of daffodils and bluebells as spring hits) and the winding, organic shapes they create, softening our interior design scheme (think of eucalyptus and other statement foliage greens.)

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However, new research from the American Society for Horticulture Science has revealed that fresh flowers can actually reduce pain in the body too. Amazing!

A study was carried out on 90 patients in hospital. Patients were split into rooms and some had plants while others didn't. The results showed that the patients with flowers and greenery in their room fared much better, with lower blood pressure, lower amounts of pain, anxiety and exhaustion. The patients also reported feeling more positive.

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So, our old habit of buying sick friends and family a bouquet of flowers when they're unwell has been tried and tested and it turns out, flowers do much more than just brighten the room.

Isn't nature amazing?

Explore more issues faced by those battling mental health and join our fight for happiness here.​​

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