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Boris And Trump's Killer Healthcare Trick, with Stephen Fry.

Will Boris and Trump privatise the NHS? How much would medicare for all cost in the US? Which healthcare system is most likely to save you? Killer facts are hidden by carefully constructed illusions. Voiced by Stephen Fry. Please sign the petition to keep the NHS out of any US trade deal: Visit us on patreon for a new infographic on how to improve your clarity of thought and cut your risk of dementia in half: Extensive Brexit facts at Need a video for something really positive? Contact Sources: Health spending by country: Healthcare system rankings by country: Health industry contributes huge sums to political campaigns: Life expectancy vs health expenditure: Physicians reported that 20.6% of overall medical care was unnecessary, including 22.0% of prescription medications, 24.9% of tests, and 11.1% of procedures. $210 billion wasted on unnecessary healthcare services. National Academy of Medicine: In cases where people can be saved by effective care, the survival rate is higher in the UK, than in the US: 19m Americans illegally import medicine to save money: Administrative spending as a percentage of healthcare expenditure:
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