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Futuristic Walletmor Chip Allows Users To Pay Using A Wave Of Their Hands

Futuristic Walletmor Chip Allows Users To Pay Using A Wave Of Their Hands. The future of wireless payments is here - as tech enthusiasts can now get a chip inserted under their skin that means you can order drinks or complete the weekly shop with just a swipe of your hand. British-Polish firm Walletmor’s chips weigh less than a gram, and are the size of a grain of rice. They are comprised of a tiny secure microchip and an antenna encased in a biopolymer that means you can safely keep it for all of your life. As it uses the same technology as contactless Visa or Mastercards the chip is only activated with a contactless payment terminal at a very short distance and cannot be tracked - with only transactions showing up like a normal bank card. Founder Wojtek Paprota was the first to get an implant in 2020 and tests new version of the technology on himself before it is available to the public. More than 600 people across Europe, the UK, and US have purchased a Walletmor and Wojtek hopes eventually the chip could replace our wallets and be used for more than payments such as identity documents, medical information or key cards for the office or home.
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