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Guilty pleasures: why the 318ti is a baby BMW with potential

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Why the BMW 318ti is my guilty pleasure

Unlike the years old, misguided auto obsessions of my colleagues, the BMW 318ti only came into my life relatively recently. I can pinpoint the moment almost exactly. I was visiting my parents, and just down the road from them was parked a Peugeot 106, which had been stripped of almost all of its interior. Stay with me. Clearly, this was a car with only modest performance. But it looked exceptionally well cared for, and frankly a great deal of fun. Having just sold a Mazda MX-5 in the name of being practical, this humble Pug got me to thinking: what if I could achieve a similar end, only with something that was rear-wheel drive… The contemporary choice of affordable rear-wheel-drive hatchbacks being somewhat modest, I wasn’t exactly overburdened with options. So, despite having read and heard how lame the original BMW Compact was considered to be in its heyday, let alone now, I began to take a closer interest in these stubby little Beamers. I began to sense the potential.
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