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Driver shares ‘magic’ tip to defrost car windscreen in freezing cold snap

The Independent logo The Independent 6 days ago Liam James
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As Britian endures another winter cold spell this January, bringing snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures, drivers may once more be looking out for tips on defrosting their cars and staying safe on slippery roads.

One such clip shared on TikTok in December met with a frosty reception online but could yet prove useful to the novice unused to navigating the kind of difficult conditions we are currently experiencing.

Driving advice site Driving Test Success shared a short video on its social media channel last month explaining how to defrost a car’s windscreen in the cold.

The steps described turned out to amount to switching the heating on, directing the warmth towards the windscreen, waiting for the ice to melt and then wiping away the condensation.

More than one thousand users liked the video but many were unimpressed.

“WOW I been driving for over 24 years and I just learned this....ooh please can you teach us the trick to opening the doors? unlock first or after?” wrote one.

Another sarcastic comment read: “If you turn the wheel attached inside the car it turns the car.”

One user took aim at any potential viewers who might require the video’s assistance: “If you didn’t know this, you shouldn’t be driving.”

Driving Test Success responded to several commenters to say that many of their followers were learner drivers who might not know how to defrost a windscreen.

Britain’s latest severe cold snap has seen temperatures fall as low as minus 10C overnight on higher ground.

Instructions for simple task drew mockery (Driving Test Success) © Provided by The Independent Instructions for simple task drew mockery (Driving Test Success)

The cold weather brings risks for drivers besides visibility.

Yellow weather warnings for snow and ice covering large parts of the UK were issued earlier this week and drivers have been warned of dangers on the roads in parts of the vountry.

The Met Office has warned motorists that wintry showers could create hazardous, icy patches on some roads over the coming days.

The public is urged people to take extra care when driving or walking and to consider not cycling in icy areas.

The RAC has meanwhile warned drivers to check that their cars are prepared for sub-zero weather and to carry provisions in case of a breakdown.

Rod Dennis, RAC spokesperson, said: “With temperatures plummeting this week, many drivers might be taken aback by the cold after an exceptionally mild autumn.

“Drivers with older batteries in their cars might also wish to give their vehicle a 20-minute drive before colder conditions arrive to ensure the battery can cope with sub-zero temperatures.”

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