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Grenfell Tower inquiry: First video footage from INSIDE burning Grenfell Tower emerges at public inquiry into tragedy which claimed 72 lives

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 19/06/2018 Fiona Simpson

(Video provided by Sky News)

Harrowing bodycam footage showing the moment the first firefighters entered the burning Grenfell Tower has been played at the public inquiry into the blaze.

Video from a thermal imaging camera used by two firefighters entering Flat 16 of the tower where the inferno started at 1.07am on June 14 last year was shown to retired judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick at Holborn Bars.

The deafening noise of crews breaking into the flat where the fire started can be heard in the video.

gren1.jpg © Provided by Independent Print Limited gren1.jpg The four-minute clip shows firefighters entering the bedroom of the flat owned by Behailu Kebebe.

A bright yellow glow is captured in the firefighter's body worn camera. Water can be seen being poured on the flames at one stage in the footage.

Firefighters can be seen closing the kitchen door and opening it again to see if the fire in the kitchen is still alight.

a screen shot of a video game: gren3.jpg © Provided by Independent Print Limited gren3.jpg The professor said: "The yellow glow that you can see is the fire that is down at the window ledge in the kitchen. The firefighters attempted to put out the fire and we can see there the hose reel is attempting to put water on the fire.

"They close the door and they open the door again to see that the fire is still present. At this point the firefighters spend some time discussing what tactics they can use to tackle the fire that is in the corner of the kitchen."

A temperature gauge seen on the camera quickly reaches highs of 260C and hovers around 85C.

© Provided by Independent Print Limited Crews are filmed 13 minutes after entering the flat, extinguishing the blaze which is thought to have begun behind a fridge freezer.

As they turn to face the window, cladding can be seen falling from floors above as flames rip through the 24-storey building claiming 72 lives.

"This is around five minutes before the firefighters entered the kitchen for the first time," the professor added.

gren4.jpg © Provided by Independent Print Limited gren4.jpg The footage was played by Professor Niamh Nic Daeid to the extensive inquiry alongside footage from outside the tower showing the speed at which fire tore through the tower.

The inquiry was also shown a plan of Flat 16, where Mr Kebede slept on a mattress in the living room. The fridge freezer is in the corner, next to the small window on the east face of Grenfell Tower. A still image of the thermal camera shows the yellow heat of the fire where the fridge freezer is.

A 999 call made my Mr Kebede was played for a second time to the inquiry.

Grenfell Tower Management company chief Robert Black steps down © Press Association Grenfell Tower Management company chief Robert Black steps down

He tells the 999 dispatcher: "Fire in flat 16, Grenfell Tower... the fridge, flat 16, Grenfell Tower'.

The desperate resident later adds: "There's a fire in flat 16 Grenfell Tower. Can you be quick please?" before being told fire crews have been dispatched.


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