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UK weather: Storm Aileen hits Britain with 75mph winds - see how your area will be affected today

Mirror logo Mirror 13/09/2017 Kara O'Neill

(Video provided by Met Office)

Storm Aileen has hit the UK overnight, bringing 75mph winds and leaving thousands without power.

Commuters have been warned to expect travel chaos throughout the day, with trees blocking roads and downed power lines slowing traffic right down.

The Met Office still has amber weather warnings in place with many parts of the country expecting continued heavy rain, thunder and even hail over the course of today.

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Aileen is the first storm to be officially named in the UK this autumn.

Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Essex were some of the worst affected areas and drivers are still being warned to take extra care on the roads.

Hundreds of people took to social media overnight to complain that the strong winds were leading to sleepless nights, while others snapped photos of their destroyed gardens in the morning.

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More than 800 homes were without power in Nottinghamshire, while 700 homes were affected in Lincolnshire.

Parts of Wales and the South West also reported power cuts and nearly 2000 properties lost power across Lincolnshire when the storm reached its height.

Is my area still affected?

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London - The city is enjoying a sunny spell this morning, but heavy rain is due to start again around midday with a high chance of hail and thunder. It will be breezy and cool, but drier tonight, with temperatures dropping to 7C.

Birmingham - Heavy rain expected to start between 11am and 12pm and will continue until the late afternoon. It will be breezy, especially in areas like the Staffordshire Moorlands. Showers will persist in the evening but winds will be quieter.

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Manchester and Cheshire - Very strong winds continuing during rush hour, causing travel chaos for some. Winds will slow down inland but blustery showers with thunder will come and go all day. It'll be cold later on with temperatures dropping to 6C.

Lancashire - Winds will be very strong in areas close to the coast, with wind speeds reaching 21mph. The maximum temperature today will be 14C. Showers, some thundery, are expected all day. It may eventually dry out at around 11pm tonight.

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East Midlands - The last of the overnight gales should quickly clear the east. All parts will then see sunshine and heavy, blustery showers with hail and thunder likely. Further rain will spread from the north throughout the early hours of Thursday morning.

Yorkshire - Heavy rain should clear quickly this morning, with most areas seeing some sunshine, mixed with thundery showers and hail. Showers may merge into more persistent rain later in the evening and temperatures will be chilly, as low as 7C inland.

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Newcastle - Again, those in the east of England should find the heavy rain clears quickly, but blustery showers will remain. Maximum temperatures of 14C with wind speeds dropping to around 15mph.

Scotland - Scotland is experiencing a rather cloudy day with longer spells of rain, especially around midday. Some brighter spells later this afternoon, and clear spells with the occasional shower overnight.

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Wales - Very strong winds will continue during rush hour on the north coast and also around Cardiff and Newport though winds are reducing elsewhere, and they will gradually ease everywhere. Blustery showers, some heavy and thundery, will continue all day. Maximum temperature 16 °C.

Northern Ireland - Bright day with a mix of sunshine and occasionally heavy, perhaps thundery, showers. The showers will be most frequent across the north with the best of the sunshine across more southern parts. Fresh westerly then northwesterly winds.

South-west England - Strong winds to continue this morning, especially in Minehead and Weston-super-Mare. Winds are reducing elsewhere, and they will gradually ease everywhere. Blustery showers, including some heavy ones will come and go all day. Heavy showers and rain tonight.

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Highways England has urged drivers to take extra care on their journeys to work, warning that people should delay travelling if the weather becomes too severe.

Richard Leonard, head of road safety at Highways England, said: "We're encouraging drivers to check the latest weather and travel conditions before setting off on journeys, with strong winds and heavy rain expected from Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning.

"In high winds, there's a particular risk to lorries, caravans and motorbikes so we'd advise drivers of these vehicles to slow down and avoid using exposed sections of road if possible."

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Those driving caravans, lorries and motorbikes are especially at risk of the vehicles being blown over.

The M48 Severn Crossing in South Gloucestershire was closed in both directions between junctions 1 and 2 due to the gales, while the Humber Bridge in East Yorkshire was shut to high-sided vehicles.

The Ouse Bridge on the M62 between junctions 36 and 37 has also been closed.

There has been some speculation that this weather is being driven by the hurricanes tearing through the Caribbean and US, but there is no such connection.

Met Office deputy meteorologist Chris Tubbs said: “There are no links between the very strong winds we expect to see here in the UK and the hurricanes affecting the United States and the Caribbean at present.

"This system originated well north in the Atlantic Ocean, independent of the current Caribbean hurricanes."

As Storm Aileen clears out eastwards into the North Sea, the UK will be left with cool showery conditions through the end of the week and into the weekend.

The showers will still be blustery on Thursday with the winds easing as we get closer to the weekend.

Within the showers there will be some periods of brightness although it will still feel cool across the whole of the UK with top temperatures only reaching 18 or 19C.


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