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Your Morning Briefing

MSN UK 09/07/2019 News desk

Good morning. Here’s what you need to know to start your day with our daily briefing, compiled by Aashna Jawal.

Trump hits out at May for Brexit 'mess' after leaked memo episode

Donald Trump has excoriated the UK's ambassador to Washington, saying he will "no longer deal with" the beleaguered diplomat. The US president also turned his fire on Theresa May, accusing her of making a "mess" of Brexit. Trump added that the UK was "wonderful," and the "good news" was that it would soon have a new leader. His intervention came after leaked diplomatic cables showed Sir Kim Darroch, the UK's top diplomat in Washington, had described Trump's administration as "inept" and "incompetent". (The Telegraph)

HPV vaccine to be given to boys in an effort to slash cancer rates

The NHS will expand the HPV vaccination programme to include all boys in school year 8 in England from September, safeguarding them and girls from a range of cancers. By 2058, which will be the 50th anniversary of the launch of HPV vaccination for girls, Public Health England claims the programme may have prevented more than 100,000 cancers across the UK. (The Guardian)

Meat label lies: One in five products contain animal not stated on the packet

Woman chooses sausages in a vacuum package at the grocery store Woman chooses sausages in a vacuum package at the grocery store Six years on from the horsegate scandal that shook Britain and the following ­crackdown, shoppers should feel ­confident their meat is what the label says it is. But the Mirror has discovered customers are still being ripped off, with one in five products containing cheaper cuts from different animals. The Food Standards Agency carried out 69 tests between June 2018 and May 2019 and found 12 items were contaminated with “unspecified meat or DNA species not declared on the label”. (Mirror)

Mysterious shark ‘older than the dinosaurs’ caught on film

a fish swimming under water A shark which has been on our planet for nearly 200 million years, and which has eluded researchers has finally been caught on film - and tagged. It’s the first time the bluntnose sixgill has been satellite-tagged in this way, the researchers say, with the mysterious creatures usually staying 8,200 feet down. (Yahoo News UK)

British Museum to return precious artefacts looted from Iraq and Afghanistan

a man looking at the camera © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited Ancient Buddhist clay heads and other precious artefacts looted from Iraq and Afghanistan and illegally exported to the UK will soon be returned to their country of origin. The British Museum is working with the UK Border Force and other agencies to help to return the items seized during recent conflicts. (The Independent)

Far out: Saturn will be 'nearby' on Tuesday

  Saturn, its rings and its moons will be paying a "close" visit to Earth Tuesday night. Saturn is at "opposition" that day, meaning the planet and the sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, according to NASA. That also means the ringed planet is as close to the Earth as it gets all year long. You can recognize Saturn because it’s in your southeastern sky at dusk and nightfall, EarthSky said. (USA Today)

In-depth: How your brain invents morality

© Yuichiro Chino Neurophilosopher Patricia Churchland explains her theory of how we evolved a conscience. Patricia Churchland is a neurophilosopher. That’s a fancy way of saying she studies new brain science, old philosophical questions, and how they shed light on each other. For years, she’s been bothered by one question in particular: How did humans come to feel empathy and other moral intuitions? What’s the origin of that nagging little voice that we call our conscience? (

Video of the day: Researchers find an ancient Philistine town in Israel

a group of people sitting on a rock © ANDREA BERNARDI   Researchers in Israel say they have pinpointed the site of an ancient Philistine town mentioned in the biblical tale of David seeking refuge from the Israelite king Saul. Ziklag was a town under the rule of a Philistine king in nearby Gath after the ancient "sea peoples" began arriving in the region in the 12th century BC, the researchers say. (Agence France-Presse)

On this day

1877: The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon, London, hosts the Gentlemen's Singles Competition in lawn tennis. Tennis will prove a more enduring spectator sport than croquet, and Wimbledon will go on to become the world's premiere tennis venue. (Bing)

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