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Your Morning Briefing

MSN UK 7 hrs ago News desk

Good morning. Here’s what you need to know to start your day with our daily briefing, compiled by Liji Varghese.

British mum and son feared dead in Sri Lanka attacks

a group of people posing for the camera: Brit mum and son © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Brit mum and son A British mother and son having breakfast in a five star hotel were among more than 200 people killed in eight coordinated terrorist bombings which targeted churches and tourists in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Alex Nicholson, 11, his mother, Anita, 42, were killed in the Table One cafe on the second-floor of the Shangri La hotel in Colombo. Their names are the first of at least five British victims to be identified.(Daily Mail) The explosions in Sri Lanka on Sunday, which killed nearly 290 people and injured hundreds, were the deadliest violence in the country since its civil war ended a decade ago. (The Washington Post) Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan PM has demanded an investigation into apparent intelligence failures before the bombings. (The Independent)

Meghan & Harry's Africa job 'could cost taxpayer £1m'

Harry & Meghan © Thomson Reuters Harry & Meghan Prince Harry and Meghan's security bill to move to Africa could reach £1 million a year, it is claimed. Harry’s advisers are reportedly working to create a role that capitalises on the couple's 'rock star' status, that could see the pair move to the continent for up to three years. A security consultant estimates that could be in the region of £750,000 a year with a further £250,000 to cover travel, medical and insurance costs for staff. (Mirror)

Older women being exploited by IVF clinics, says fertility watchdog

Older women are being exploited by IVF clinics “trading on hope” - despite the fact just two a year will achieve success after the age of 44, the fertility watchdog has warned. Sally Cheshire, chairman of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) said those seeking motherhood later in life were being targeted by increasingly aggressive sales tactics from the sector. (The Telegraph)

Hawaiian beach 'could soon be underwater' due to warming

Waikiki beach © voshadhi Waikiki beach Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach - celebrated around the world for its both it eye-grabbing beauty and decades-old surf culture - could be under water in a matter of years as as result of rising sea levels triggered by climate change, politicians have warned. (The Independent)

In-depth: Scandinavia set to become China's newest playground

Hefei © 2016 TPG Hefei Helsinki and Tallinn, the capitals of Finland and Estonia, sit just 50 miles from each other across the Gulf of Finland. On a good day, it takes about two hours by ferry to cross the often choppy waters. But not for long, if an ambitious project to directly connecting the two cities takes off. For the first time, there’s hard money behind the project — $17 billion, to be exact. The 60-mile tunnel — it would be the world’s longest undersea rail crossing — would dramatically shorten travel time between the cities to around half an hour. There’s just one catch: It’s largely Chinese cash that would make this dream come true. (Ozy)

Video of the day: Here's what will happen to Earth when Sun starts to die

Solar eruption  © Heritage Space Solar eruption  According to LiveScience, when the sun expands into a red giant during the throes of death, it will vaporise the Earth. (GeoBeats)

On this day

© Evening Standard/Getty Images 1969: Nine sailors take on the challenge of becoming the first to sail nonstop around the globe single-handedly, but only Robin Knox-Johnston completes the journey. The former sailor in the Royal Naval Reserve steers his 32-foot boat 'Suhaili' through the world's oceans for 10 months. (Bing)

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