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Marine Le Pen calls on French to 'stop Macron' in EU polls

SHOTLIST: PARIS, FRANCE. 15 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV IMAGES - - WS Marine Le Pen assise at her desk during the interview- PAN RIGHT from French flags to Marine Le Pen laughing BIARRITZ, FRANCE. 17 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV -MS Macron talking to locals in Biarritz PARIS, FRANCE. 15 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV SOUNDBITE - Marine Le Pen, president of France's National Rally (woman, French, 23 sec)"He said it himself, 'if I don't come out on top, in the second half of my mandate I will be upset.' -CU Le Pen during photo shoot ///------------------------------AFP TEXT STORY Le Pen seeks Macron's downfall in French European polls Paris (France) - 21 May 2019 05:02 - AFP (Adam PLOWRIGHT) From her French parliamentary office, where her e-cigarette and a book entitled "10+1 Questions on the European Union" sit atop folders on her desk, far-right leader Marine Le Pen is plotting revenge.
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