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Runner in Finland completes marathon on his six-metre balcony during COVID-19 pandemic

This runner living in Helsinki, Finland, completed the 26.2-mile distance of a marathon on his six-metre balcony to inspire others to stay at home. Marc, who goes by Running with Marc on social media, documents his journey as he completes 3,350 laps of his balcony during the coronavirus pandemic. During his journey, Marc walks through his pacing, mental health and what he is eating to keep him energised. Marc told Newsflare: "I decided that I wanted to try and do something that not only pushes my limits but can hopefully inspire others to stay at home during this tough COVID-19 pandemic, but also stay fit and healthy. "Also to remind everyone that there is always a way to succeed if you put your mind to it. So here I am running/walking a marathon on my balcony. "There is no strict lockdown here in Helsinki, Finland, I could have ran in the forest, but the message was to show people, be safe and stay home."




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