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Thai motorcyclist and passenger narrowly avoid being run over by truck after bumping into it and falling down

A motorcyclist and his passenger had a lucky escape after smashing into a lorry and landing inches from the moving wheels. The man and his friend riding pillion hit the truck as it crossed a motorway to pull into a warehouse in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, on May 23. They were flung into the air and the landed under the 12-wheeler. However, they both managed to scramble to safety and avoid being crushed by the giant wheels. The driver also noticed the collision and climbed out of the cab to check on the two riders, who both climbed to their feet and did not suffer any serious injuries. Passing driver Man Thatchakit (corr) said only the bike was damage from the impact of the crash. He said: "I still don't understand why they did not stop their motorbike. Did they want to ride into the lorry's container? ''I pulled over to check on them and they were both OK. I think they're lucky not to have been more seriously hurt.''
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