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UK weather forecast: Britain to bake in sunshine as mercury hits 24 degrees

Mirror logo Mirror 12/07/2019 Matthew Dresch

Watch: Friday's forecast (Met Office)

Britain will enjoy warm and sunny spells today, bringing an end to the stormy weather of the last few days.

Temperatures will rise to 24C in Southampton, Brighton and London this afternoon, with the sun making an appearance across south, south-east and south-west England.

The weather will be wetter in north England, north Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, while other areas can expect overcast conditons.

There will be lows of 11C in some parts of Scotland, although it should be fairly hot and humid across nearly the whole country.

a person sitting in a field: Large swathes of the country will bask in sunshine today © PA Large swathes of the country will bask in sunshine today

Despite the heat, there could be showers and thunderstorms in eastern Scotland and north-east England this afternoon and tonight.

© Mirror A spokesman for said: "Friday dawns with varying amounts of cloud, and the best of the sunny spells inland away from coasts exposed to the north or north-west wind.

"As the sun gets to work, we'll see showers popping up once again. They're likely to be most frequent in the east, with perhaps a few more affecting southern England for a time at least.

a close up of an umbrella on a beach: The warm and sunny spells will make a welcome change from the recent stormy weather © PA The warm and sunny spells will make a welcome change from the recent stormy weather

"Not all will catch a shower though, and where you don't, it'll be another warm day with sunny spells. Where you do catch one, it could well be heavy and thundery.

"Temperatures will be on a par with Thursday's values, and it'll still feel humid."

Tomorrow will be generally cloudy, with sunshine in south-east England and rain in central, south-east and north-west England.

© Mirror Sunday looks to be a sunny day across the UK with occasional downpour in central England.

Britain has seen torrential downpours in some areas over the last couple of days, with thunderstorms ravaging the country.

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A 'danger to life' weather warning was in force yesterday, with the Met Office urging people to prepare for potential flooding.

© Mirror Yesterday was a hot but wet day that saw 21mm of rain fall the space of an hour during a thunderstorm in Scotland.

Temperatures rose as high as 27.3C in Heathrow, with lows of 11.1C in Lerwick, Scotland.

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Met Office five-day weather forecast


Widespread warm sunny spells are expected, especially in the south. Heavy showers are likely across southeast Scotland and northeast England, and to a lesser extent, eastern England. Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland will be cloudier with some light rain.


Warm sunshine will continue well into the evening, but showers will persist in parts of northeast England and southeast Scotland. Showers will ease eventually, leaving a mild and cloudy night.


Warm sunshine will be widespread, though with more cloud at times, especially near English North Sea coasts. The odd shower is possible, most likely on the Pennines or Scottish mountains.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday

Most places will stay dry, bright and warm, especially in the west. Eastern cloud may be slow to clear. On Tuesday, heavy showers may break out in some western parts.

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