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Cat can't get enough of Russian banya

Murzik, the cat is a big fan of Russian steam baths. He actually seems to enjoy being stroked with the venik, a bundle of leaves used to massage body. The steam bath crazy kitten then goes and sprawls out in the snow together with his owner. I am doing this as well, don’t think so. The towel flew away. The weather is so great. Murzik, hurry up, it’s cold outside! His owner says that Murzik goes to the banya whenever he feels like it. We have been practising it for three, four months now. Sometimes he stays in the banya overnight. If he is in the banya, he joins each if us. He can stay for at least three hours in any temperature. If he doesn’t like it, he just goes on the floor — chills there, takes a breath and goes up again.
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