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Climate Change And Farming Is Causing An Insect Decline

A study has found that global warming and farming are causing a “substantial decline” of insects in some parts of the world. Researchers say that losing insect populations could be harmful to human health and food security, especially with “losses of pollinators”. The researchers analyzed data from over 20,000 insects including bees, ants, butterflies and dragonflies in 6,000 different locations. Insect populations decreased by 49% in areas with high-intensity farming and substantial warming. While the number of different insect species decreased by 27%. This is compared to areas of the world that are relatively untouched and have so far avoided the most severe impacts of climate change. Careful management of agricultural areas, such as preserving natural habitats near farmland, may help to ensure that vital insects can still thrive, Dr. Tim Newbold, UCL.
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