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NASA Scientists Probing 'Biggest Ever' Gamma-ray Burst

NASA scientists have been studying what they believe may be a one in 10,000 years Gamma-ray burst from another galaxy, one of the most powerful explosions in the history of the universe. The record-breaking Gamma-ray burst, known as BOAT GRB, erupted in October 2022. It was a burst whose afterglow was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful class of explosions in the universe. Astronomers think most occur when the core of a massive star runs out of nuclear fuel, collapses under its own weight, and forms a black hole. The black hole then drives jets of particles that drill all the way through the collapsing star at nearly the speed of light. These jets pierce through the star, emitting X-rays and gamma rays (magenta) as they stream into space. They then plough into material surrounding the doomed star and produce a multiwavelength afterglow that gradually fades away. The closer to head-on we view one of these jets, the brighter it appears. Astronomers may be able to study the afterglow of this astonishing blast for years to come.
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