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INTERVIEW: Eagles' wide receiver Mack Hollins feeling confident after rookie year Super Bowl win

Read Sport logo Read Sport 24/07/2018 Sam Brown

I recently interviewed Mack Hollins, wide receiver of the Philadelphia Eagles at NFL UK’s Summer Bowl event in London.

Hollins was a rookie last season, and a key member of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl title in the organisation’s history.

First year in the league, you’ve won the Super Bowl. It’s easy in the NFL, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s the easiest game in the world! Ha, nah, I’m just so lucky to have won in my first year. I’m glad I got to experience the full range of an NFL season, and for the rest of my career I’ll know what it feels like to prepare for the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl, and also what it takes to have a good season. So it’s kind of a blessing but maybe also a curse with it making you think you can get there every year. You’ve just got to put in the same amount of work!

a group of people watching a baseball game: Abbie Parr/Getty Images Sport © Abbie Parr/Getty Images Sport Abbie Parr/Getty Images Sport

What steps are the Eagles taking to get back to the Super Bowl and repeat the triumph?

We’re doing the same things we did last year! Acting like we’ve never won anything, so everyone thinks we’re not good enough, and we’re gonna take it up another level. That’s what it’s gonna take. We’re not the ‘Eagles of old’, a team that can be beaten easily and be rolled over. So we’re gonna do the same thing, but up it a little.

You’ve come into the league and seen time on offense, but also, you’ve hit the field on special teams. How much have you relished those chances in the third phase of the game?

Honestly, any chance I got on the field was a great time for me, whether it was special teams, offense, it was always amazing to know that you’re stepping on a field in a place that you’ve dreamt about your whole life.

With a similar build to him, how much of yourself do you see in your teammate to Alshon Jeffery?

There’s a few things that as a player you see in the older guys, and guys that have been in the league and have been successful, so I try to take a little bit from him, a little but from Troy, a little bit from Torrey (Smith), a little bit from Nelson (Agholor), a little bit from the guys who came in with me and put it all together. I want to make ‘a Mack’!. I want to be my own player.

Now Mack, I’m a bit of a Colts fan. With the hiring of former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, what can I expect from my new head coach?

He’s an awesome coach. He was something special. You guys have got somebody special. Somebody that we hate to lose, but that’s how the business goes. Guys want to provide for their families and their dream is to be a head coach. Just like we have dreams, they have the same dreams. Coach Reich is awesome.

What’s he (Reich) like at setting the offense up? It looked pretty special in the Super Bowl!

He knows what he’s doing, to say the least! You guys are in good hands.

a person riding on the back of a football field: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images Sport © Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images Sport Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images Sport

One thing I wanted to ask you, which NFL or college corner did you respect the most?

Nahhh… I respect everyone I play against. They said Deion (Sanders) was good, but obviously I’ve never played against him. There’s no one that I’ve played against that makes me think ‘oh man, this is gonna be a bad day!’.

Interesting! You clearly back yourself!

Of course man, I’ve won a Super Bowl!

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles © Elsa/Getty Images Sport Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles

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