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Bernard Tomic v Nick Kyrgios: Kooyong Classic – live!

The Guardian logo The Guardian 09/01/2019 Mike Hytner
a man smiling for the camera: Nick Kyrgios looks on during an ATC Cup announcement onboard The Carnival Sprit on January 07, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. © Getty Images Nick Kyrgios looks on during an ATC Cup announcement onboard The Carnival Sprit on January 07, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

3.07am GMT

Second set: Tomic 6-3, 5-4 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): That’s just what Kyrgios needed – a comfortable service game. Indeed, he has very much relied on his serve today – he’s been off the pace with his groundstrokes. Anyway, he stays alive, but Tomic will now serve for the match.

3.05am GMT

Second set: Tomic* 6-3, 5-3 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Tomic is toying with Kyrgios a little now. He holds serve once more and Kyrgios will have to find something special now if he is to stay in the match.

3.03am GMT

Second set: Tomic 6-3, 4-3 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): More lovely tennis from Tomic at 15-15 as he springs into life to reach a shot at the net before dinking back past Kyrgios. Kyrgios finds the net a point later and he’s facing break point. A wild first serve doesn’t do Kyrgios any favours and when he can’t reach what seems to be a regulation forehand from Tomic, he’s broken for the first time this second set. Excellent work from Tomic, who is now just two games from the match.

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2.59am GMT

Second set: Tomic* 6-3, 3-3 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Some languid shotmaking from Tomic is too much for Kyrgios this game and he levels things up at three games apiece.

Updated at 3.04am GMT

2.57am GMT

Second set: Tomic 6-3, 2-3 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): The rate at which this pair are getting through their service games is remarkable – and refreshing. No bouncing the ball 17 times or performing superstitious ticks before each serve for these two. Kyrgios serves out this game in the time it took to type just that one sentence.

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2.55am GMT

Second set: Tomic* 6-3, 2-2 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Tomic gets himself into a game-winning position before Kyrgios delivers a lovely drop shot on his way back to deuce. That’s the best he can do though and Tomic goes on to hold.

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2.51am GMT

Second set: Tomic 6-3, 1-2 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): Kyrgios is itching to get going at the beginning of each game with the ball in his hand, but he’s definitely a yard behind Tomic today. That’s likely down to the matches Tomic played yesterday, including a doubles outing. Kyrgios will get there, he just needs some court-time to get up to speed.

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2.49am GMT

Second set: Tomic* 6-3, 1-1 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Kyrgios responds to losing the first point of this game with an excellent forehand winner but he can’t back it up and a couple of loose shots later, Tomic gets himself on the scoreboard this set.

Updated at 3.04am GMT

2.46am GMT

Second set: Tomic 6-3, 0-1 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): Now it’s Kyrgios’s turn to ease to a service game. A decent start to the second set for the Canberran.

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2.45am GMT

Tomic wins first set 6-3!

First set: Tomic* 6-3 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Tomic wastes little further time as he serves out confidently to claim the opening set – convincingly so.

“I think I missed one ball,” he says from his chair. Asked how he pulled up after his encountner with Jack Sock yesterday, he says: “To be honest, I’m pretty tired.”

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2.42am GMT

First set: Tomic 5-3 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): Can Kyrgios hold serve to stay in the set? He can! New balls are taken – not the kind Tomic called for yesterday though – but it’s Tomic who takes a 30-0 lead with some flair shotmaking. Kyrgios returns fire with not one, not two, but three aces to bring up game point before sealing the deal.

2.39am GMT

First set: Tomic* 5-2 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Kyrgios is loose on a couple of shots now, and Tomic holds to love again to move to within a game of the first set. Tomic definitely the more composed so far today.

2.37am GMT

First set: Tomic 4-2 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): Kyrgios aces again on the opening point before a lovely deft drop shot at the net is too good for Tomic. A second and then third ace follow as Kyrgios motors through a service game to stay in touch this opening set.

2.36am GMT

First set: Tomic* 4-1 Kyrgios (*denotes server): More good work from Tomic at 0-15 sees him manoeuvre his opponent around the court before finishing it off at the net. He moves to 40-15, at which point Kyrgios absolutely wallops a return of serve back past him, bringing whoops from the crowd! That’s all he’s got this game though and Tomic confirms his break of serve.

2.33am GMT

First set: Tomic 3-1 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): That’s nice from Tomic, who brings up two break points with some neat work at the net. A Kyrgios ace saves the first one but he’s long, way long, at the baseline on the second and Tomic accepts the advantage for the first time today.

2.30am GMT

First set: Tomic* 2-1 Kyrgios (*denotes server): The first signs of a Tomic wobble are instantly eased as he aces on break point and we’re still on serve in the first set. Wonder how Tomic is finding the balls today? No visual sign of discontent so far.

2.27am GMT

First set: Tomic 1-1 Kyrgios* (*denotes server): Smiles from Kyrgios as he claims the first point following a booming first serve and then a deft touch at the net. Actually, replays show he reached over the net to get the ball, which possibly explains his grin – he shouldn’t have been awarded that point! He goes on to hold and level things up.

2.25am GMT

First set: Tomic* 1-0 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Tomic looks comfortable in his opening service game, winning it to love as Kyrgios make a couple of unforced errors.

2.24am GMT

First set: Tomic* 0-0 Kyrgios (*denotes server): Kyrgios looks relaxed in the warmup. Tomic to serve first and we’re underway!

2.18am GMT

Here they come! Kyrgios emerges into the sunshine in a pink shirt and maroon shorts; Tomic follows after taking some selfies in a blue shirt and white shorts. They’re ready for the toss and we’ll be underway shortly.

2.17am GMT

Once Tomic and Kyrgios are done in Melbourne, and fingers crossed the timings are kind, we’ll turn our attentions to Ashleigh Barty’s clash with world No 1 Simona Halep at the Sydney International. It’s a mouthwatering encounter that will give a real indication of Barty’s chances at next week’s Open. Start time there is scheduled for 2:30pm AEDT, so with a little bit of luck it won’t overlap too much with the match at Kooyong.

2.14am GMT

Tomic wasn’t holding back with his views following his opening win over American Jack Sock yesterday – he also made clear his displeasure at the new balls being used in these Australian Open warmup events, and for the grand slam tournament itself. The switch from Wilson to Dunlop is likely to prompt further debate as Monday’s opening nears.

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2.07am GMT


Incredibly, for two players who seem to have been on the scene forever, Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios have never played a competitive match against each other. That duck will be broken today, in the refined surrounds of the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, as preparations are fine tuned ahead of next week’s season-opening major, the Australian Open.

Inevitably, given their respective profiles, shared history and, um, interesting characters, there has been a degree of hype surrounding the buildup to this match. Tomic, intentionally or not, added some fuel to the fire (even though it may have been mere lighter fluid rather than a can of petrol) when saying yesterday that Kyrgios is “mentally struggling” at the moment.

Yet both players have maintained their off-court clashes of the past – notably nearly three years ago when Tomic accused Kyrgios of faking an illness to get out of playing a Davis Cup match – are behind them, and considering the relaxed nature of this tournament, it’s unlikely sparks will fly when the pair finally do face off across the net.

What we might get is an indication of where each player is at just days out from the Open. At least that’s the hope – Tomic also expressed a concern that Kyrgios might not take the match entirely seriously and as such his ability to complete his preparations for Melbourne Park will be affected. You could argue that’s a bit rich coming from a player with Tomic’s track record...

Anyway, whatever happens over the next hour or two is sure to be of intrigue. Stick with me for the match – the players will be out soon, with Marin Čilić and Kevin Anderson’s preceding match having just ended in the Croat’s favour, 6-3, 4-6, 15-13, following a lengthy match tie-break.

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