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London Underground: TfL worker tells commuters they'll be waiting on platform all night after 'ignoring' him leaving Londoners in stitches

MyLondon 24/11/2022 Nicole Karageorgi
The TfL worker attempted to encourage commuters to move down the platform (stock image) © Getty Images The TfL worker attempted to encourage commuters to move down the platform (stock image)

'Move down the platform' is a common phrase heard by commuters while waiting at stations for a train. Transport for London (TfL) workers encourage passengers to do so to avoid lots of crowds around the entrances and exits to platforms, and so people can use all available doors when the Tube does arrive.

But one TfL worker had quite a difficult time getting commuters to do as he said, telling them they'll be waiting on the platform all night. In a video posted to TikTok, a commuter filmed the announcement which appears to be on the northbound Victoria line platform at Oxford Circus stations.

A TfL worker can be heard saying: "If the place you are standing is congested, it might stop you from getting on. So little look to your left little look to your right, there's a bit that's not so busy. And I don't mind because I'm here until one o'clock in the morning if you wanna ignore me."

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The man then likened the situation to his home life, saying: "It is almost like being at home working this platform. She ignores me there and you lot ignore me down here. Nobody's moved, nobody's listening to two words I'm saying are they?"

Londoners were left in stitches over the video, and they flocked to the comments with their thoughts. "He sounds so tired and bored of this," said one. "He's fed up with life. Why did he bring up his missus," a second commented. "I cracked up at 'nobody's moved'," a third said.

Others made a note that it's 'always the Victoria line'. "Honestly the commuters at Oxford Circus need these messages because they always forget there's another Victoria line train literally a minute away," another added. While one commented: "It’s the Victoria line, people do not care on that line."

A few said they had been in a similar situation at Oxford Circus station: "Omg I've heard this Oxford Circus guy, he's so funny I love him," a TikTok user commented. "I was there when it was so packed people were stuck on the escalator, everyone was clogging the middle so I felt his pain, it’s an annoyance."

Oxford Circus is one of the busiest stations on the London Underground network. In 2019, more than 78 million people entered and exited the Zone 1 station.

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