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Most regrettable holiday souvenirs - what were they thinking?

AOL Travel UK logo AOL Travel UK 28/08/2015 Rosie Vare
kiss me quick hats and other pointless holiday souvenirs © AOL Travel UK kiss me quick hats and other pointless holiday souvenirs

Bringing back holiday souvenirs is all part of the experience for Brits. After all, it's practically the law to return home armed to the hilt with tacky useless objects to dole out to friends and loved ones.

But how many of us really relish receiving our kiss me quick hat/toilet roll covers/fridge magnet/sticks of rock from well-meaning friends and family?

Travelzoo recently polled 1,000 British travellers to find out souvenirs they most regretted recieving, and they got some hilarous results.

Along with the obvious stuff (resort logo t-shirts, keyrings and mugs), there were some weird and wonderful replies. Look at the list below and feel very sorry for people they were bestowed upon.

Worst souvenirs received as a gift:

1. A pair of singing flamenco shoes

2. A wonky-eyed self portrait

3. Christ on an egg cup

4. A broken keyring

5. A giant plastic fish

6. A 'cat in a basket made of real fur'

7. A doll made of shells

8. A large Japanese statue with a scary face

9. A crab set in a clear plastic setting

10. A stuffed donkey/camel

Louise Hodges of Travelzoo says: "The research reveals how a purchase can seem like a good idea at the time but will instantly be regretted when sun-kissed Brits return back to the grey skies of the UK.

"How many of us have brought back a bottle of the local tipple, which tasted so wonderful on holiday, only to find the taste is far less pleasant now that it's enjoyed in front of a box set on the TV?"

She adds: "But with holidays come such important life memories, and I think we can all be forgiven for trying to bring back a little bit of those memories. Well, most can be forgiven..."

What's the worst thing you've ever been given as a souvenir? Let us know in the comments below!


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