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Clairo - Bags

My debut album 'Immunity' out on August 2nd. Pre-save my album: Lyrics: Every second counts, I don’t want to talk to you anymore All these little games you can call me by the name I gave you yesterday Every minute counts, I don’t want to watch TV anymore Can you figure me out? Just doin this to waste more time on the couch Can you see me I’m waiting for the right time I can’t read you but if you want, the pleasure’s all mine Can you see me using everything to hold back I guess this could be worse Walking out the door with your bags x4 [Instrumental] Pour your glass of wine Mitchell told me I should be just fine Cases under the bed Spill it open let it rush to my head I don’t want to be forward I don’t want to cut corners savor this with everything I have inside me I’m not the type to run I know that we’re having fun But what’s the rush? Kissing and my cheeks are so flushed Tell you how i felt Sugar coated melting in your mouth Pardon my emotions, I should probably keep it all to myself Know you’d make fun of me x4 Chorus
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