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Gay Muslim ASSAULTED by Birmingham Pride festival staff

The theme of the Birmingham Pride festival this year in 2019 was supposed to be #LoveOutLoud to encourage inclusivity and love "No matter your gender, sexuality, personal identity, colour, religion or race". My experience of the event couldn't have been further from this sentiment when a group of big burly white cisgender male security staff members assaulted me. It was very triggering to be in that situation because of course I've experienced that kind of bullying (as many POC & LGBTQ+ people I'm sure) all of my life from school to the workplace. I never imagined I would encounter it at an LGBTQ+ Pride event. The toxic masculinity they shown was of such a violent nature that I feel scarred by it. I personally blame the culture of what Pride up and down the country is becoming; corporate events you have to pay for and the sponsorship coming from organisations that care not a jot for the LGBTQ+ community; only their brand reputation and the ability to pinkwash and obscure their complicity in human rights abuses in other geographies. HSBC sponsored Birmingham Pride this year and they invest over £800 million in and provide syndicated loans worth up to £19 billion for companies arming Israel. One such company is Caterpillar, who supplies the Israeli military, with specifically designed weaponised bulldozers. These bulldozers are used specifically to demolish Palestinian homes, factories, agricultural land & civilian infrastructure, including water pipes and networks on Palestinian territory assigned by the UN. Caterpillar also provides equipment to: reinforce the apartheid walls in Gaza & The West Bank and for the construction of settlements and settlement infrastructure on stolen Palestinian land, in violation of UN security council resolution 242. To obscure their complicity, and protect their branding, HSBC provides sponsorship & funding for LGBTQIA+ Pride festivals across the world, and in the UK they are the main sponsors of Birmingham Pride. This funding acts to 'Pinkwash' HSBC's image, concealing their involvement in human rights abuses. #DropHSBC
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