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Guy Explains Processes of Frog Laying Eggs and Dragonfly Shedding Skin on a Nature Walk

This guy, while doing a nature walk/program with a class of younger students, came across a green frog couple. They were laying and fertilizing eggs through the process of external fertilization in a marsh. The female released her eggs from her body into the water, and, the male fertilized these eggs. He also demonstrated how these amphibians were territorial about their spaces. After that, he came across a dragonfly that was shedding its skin and emerging from the larval form. The insect was metamorphosing into a dragonfly by crawling out of the water up the stem of a plant. The nymph shed its skin onto the stem of the plant, and, turned into a young dragonfly. The skin that the nymph left behind was stuck to the stem for a long time after the dragonfly left it.
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